Hungriest guide for the best Chinese restaurants in Lahore

Chinese restaurants have a special place in Pakistan’s food culture and given the number of restaurants with Chinese food, it could be claimed that this is the second most popular dishes for Pakistani food. It is made in our houses and PAK-Cheen Dosti is so on, why not?

Given the popularity, there is a Lottttt of Chinese Restaurant in Gulberg Lahore – some, really old and some very recently. But where do you go if you want to eat some quality (desi) Chinese? Well, glad you asked 😉

1. Yum Chinese & Thai

When Yum started in 2010, it was a relief and helped to modernize Chinese and Thais food in Pakistan. It was much more accessible compared to restaurants in five -star hotels, and the quality of their food was phenomenal. Over the years there have been some complaints about deteriorating standards, but frankly which restaurant does not hear?

Despite all that, Yum is one of the most popular Chinese restaurants in Lahore. The special chicken and Singapore notes of their chef are to my favorites. Moreover, they have ducks, beef, a variety of seafood, including squid and lobster, and even a Thai menu if you are in the mood for some Thai green curry.

2. X2 Pan Asian

X2 came shortly after Yum and was another welcome addition to contemporary Chinese Dining in the city. What always brings me back to X2 are their wasabi shrimps in Ebi Mayo. Ebi Mayo is a fantastic Japanese starter dip and in the case of X2 the tiger shrimp are thrown in before they are served; It is sweet and somewhat salty, but rich in texture and complements the tiger shrimp tiger shrimps.

Another very favorite item of mine on the menu is the beef chili dry with X2’s egg baked rice and their classic mint margarita beef chili dry fans have to write this down and visit the restaurant because in my opinion they have the best in Lahore.

3. The rice bowl

The rice bowl was actually one of the first restaurants (at least in my memory) to create the bowl system in Lahore. What happened before was that there would be a family that serves food, and often we should just eat it because we could not order according to the taste of everyone. So when this was opened in Mall 1, everyone went there understandably. It was fast, handy when eating out with friends (especially splitting the bill).

You also got a huge portion, you can select everything you can select as an entrance as an entrance and the food was great. It was also very affordable in terms of what you got. My favorite, however, was two appetizers and one side – the two were crispy chicken in sweet and sour, and the other crispy shrimp in sweet and sour; In combination with their vegetable small, it was great. Unfortunately they moved and the wok came into place with the same menu and the same taste – only the name changed. Don’t know what happens there, but they are now in Johar Town and they have always delivered, so take a snack to eat there!

4. Bamboo Union

Located opposite the wok (formerly the rice bowl) in shopping center 1, Bamboo Union is a beautiful, contemporary dining area for Chinese food. It does not give the typical Pan Asian restaurant atmosphere off-in simpler words, the modern and sleek. They absolutely did not go wrong with their interior – especially with the comfortable seats and the wrought iron lamps. It is vaguely enlightened like many other Chinese restaurants, so we appreciate that they do not change that aspect of Chinese dining.

My personal favorite item is their crispy honey bundle with its thinly sliced ​​strips of beef, baked and then generously thrown in a sauce based on honey that is simply divine. They also have one of the best lettuce wraps with wok-fed-up chicken, so if you want to cut out the rice/noodle section, this would work. And don’t forget to view the menu of their children when you are a parent!

5. Dynasty @ Avari

Speaking of old, typical Chinese restaurant – designing – that is where Dynasty scores! Because we sometimes also love that old-school atmosphere. However, the food has always been first class and it is still one of the best Chinese restaurants in Lahore. With some of the best chef chefs that cook Chinese food in Pakistan, the dynasty experience is usually flawless.

Their chicken spring rolls are one of the best I have had in Lahore, and believe me that I have had a lot of spring rolls in my life, so that I can say with some authority (fun) that those sandwiches jump from taste. Their steamed rods, again, not bad. But my favorite and favorite item of my father on the menu will forever be the cooked beef cooked twice that is crop-fried beef with capsicum, onion and carrot in Szechuan sauce-lip-lip, well tough beef. Thank you, China.

6. Mandarin Kitchen

Mandarin Kitchen was open last year, so it is relatively new from the party. But they have a good team of chef chefs that you can taste in their food. Of course it is a bit on the expensive side, but isn’t it all? Especially with the taste, quality and ambiance, I would say that there is not much to complain about. I love dining on their ground floor, especially because it brings me close to their kitchen – who has a glass around it. That is why I see all the cooking, the drama, the opera (as I like to call it) unfold; There is a slow structure while the chef cooks prepare the food, which then jumps into their gigantic woks, finally climaxing while the gigantic flames flow out and turn the whole room orange. I sometimes get super romantic with food.

But although we discuss this, it is important to mention that you have to try out their fried calamares as an appetizer. Their Kung Pao Chicken and Mongolian beef stand out between the menu if you order as a family. If you want a single portion that they offer, go for the chicken from General Tso, which is more of an American-Chinese dish, but it is wonderful so what does it matter?

7. Novu Pan Asian

Novu, just like Bamboo Union, is very casual, contemporary Chinese dining. They have a few interesting items on their menu, such as their crispy honey bundle, Chef’s Special Chicken that is hot VAT and the Juha fish blazing. These dishes are something to pay attention to when you go.

In terms of the room it is quite intimate and limited, but the decor is very fresh and there is even a balcony for when you want outside the side and chill with your friends. We hope that they can expand their space soon, because doing a big party of people can be a difficult task. Sometimes I had to go back because there was no table available. But yes, in general, affordable food that does not taste terrible.

8. Tai Pan @ Pearl Continental

We love Tai Pan at Pearl Continental and its red and black Chinese bowls, plates and glasses. The restaurant has undergone a huge renovation and it is all new now, now new! A personal recommendation is their lemon chili -soup, steamed rods, crispy roasted chicken with hoisin sauce. Little on the expensive side, but I think that is clear in view of the restaurant in a five -star hotel.

9. Lius Kim Mun

Lius Kim Mun is run by the people who had Hsin Kaung. For those who did not know what the last was, it was one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in Lahore and set the path for Chinese restaurants to become more and more demands. Thirty years later we have some great Chinese restaurants. Hsin Kaung, however, was closed, but Lius Kim Mun is a relatively new restaurant. There is a collection meal in Gulberg, but the one in Johar Town is a good restaurant with many seats. When you visit, try their starters with their battlefish baked butterfly shrimp and then continue to the special shrimp chowmein and chicken with mushroom and vegetables.

10. De Wok

The wok came instead of the rice bowl and easily became one of the most favorite Chinese restaurants in Lahore. They have the same taste and almost the same menu and they are kept consistent with their quality. Service can sometimes be cheeky, but I also ended up there at the weekend and the Mall 1 area can be very busy. So it depends on it. Weekdays are relatively calm, and if it is fun, there is always their outdoor seats to enjoy your meal.

11. Huis van Chinese

A very recent Chinese restaurant, and it makes all the rounds within Foodie groups as a high -quality place for food. The warm wooden walls and the ceiling combined with the mural painting of a Chinese woman are quite elegant and make it an attractive place to have guests. The kitchen staff and the servers are very attentive to every question, which is why the service is first -class. In terms of menu and taste, their chicken tempura and beef chili dry are worth a chance. The beef chili dry is juicy and not too much on the spicy side, perfect with their egg fried rice on the side. Definitely worth it! Click here to see Best restaurants in Lahore Gulberg.

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