Sweat in Style: Designing a Chic Sauna and Steam Room Setup

Installing a sauna or steam room brings luxury and wellness into your home. With smart design choices, you can also make it an elegant, stylish addition to your space. Aesthetics matter when creating a relaxing oasis, so consider these tips for fashioning a chic sauna or steam room setup.

Select Statement Materials

Use high-end, attractive materials that can withstand heat and moisture. For sauna walls, cedar adds warmth and a pleasant aroma. For steam rooms, consider stone surfaces like marble, travertine or slate in calming colors. The benches, floors, buckets and ladles should complement the room. Copper or stainless accents add a modern, sleek look.

Incorporate Spa Lighting

Strategic lighting sets the mood. Install dimmable lighting on sauna ceilings or behind steam room benches. Accent the space with candle wall sconces, lanterns or hanging pendant lights. For safety, use frosted glass and choose fixtures rated for sauna/steam conditions. LED color-changing lights can provide chromotherapy benefits.

Design a Luxury Shower Area

Include an indulgent shower space adjacent to the sauna or steam room to rinse off and cool down. Use rain showers, body sprays, luxurious shower heads and even water features like waterfall wall fountains. Select high-end ceramic, porcelain or glass tiles in nature-inspired hues. Add a bench and storage for towel, robes and slippers.

Pick Plush Fabrics

Use soft, elegant fabrics to accessorize the space. Adorn walls or ceiling with tapestry, or add drapes around the sauna entrance. Provide folded cotton towels in coordinating colors. Have cozy robes, slippers and lounge chairs available for relaxing before and after sauna/steam sessions.

Add Soothing Scents

Pleasant aromas enhance relaxation. Place a bowl of eucalyptus or other herbs in the sauna or use essential oils in steam room water. Outside the sauna, set out scented candles, reed diffusers or body mists for a signature spa fragrance. Lavender, citrus, cedar and mint are calming options.

Install a Sound System

Muic helps set the mood. Install waterproof speakers inside saunas and steam rooms to play soothing sounds, white noise, spa playlists or meditation tracks. Allow control from inside the room and outside. Sounds of nature like rainfall, ocean waves or bird songs promote deep relaxation.

Hire Experts for Construction and Design

Given the complexity of installing saunas and steam rooms, work with knowledgeable specialists like sauna room supply and installation company in Dubai. They handle technical aspects and can also provide 3D design services to envision the aesthetics. With their expertise, you can confidently construct a sauna or steam room that combines function, safety and elegance.

Relax in Style

A sauna or steam room lets you de-stress and rejuvenate in the comfort of home. With thoughtful design choices and high-quality materials supplied and installed by experts like [sauna room supply and installation company in Dubai], you can create a beautiful oasis tailored to your sense of style and wellness vision. Surround yourself in luxury and improve your health in fashionable comfort.

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