Configuring Your Wireless Router With a Shenzhen Device

A shenzhen Device is a small hand held WiFi device that can be used to connect to your wireless router. There are many benefits when you use a device as opposed to connecting wireless. For instance, the shenzhen Device has a video transmitter that allows it to capture video footage of the front door, the backyard, or wherever the door is that you want to monitor.

Most cameras only capture video at the front door and don’t capture what is going on around or near the door. The Shenzhen Device on wifi will allow you to view the footage from any position and switch between it and your regular camera view. Also read the what is shenzhen device on my network?

Footage on your Laptop

This amazing device also allows you to view live footage on your laptop, mobile phone, or anywhere else with an internet connection. This is great if you’re out on vacation and need to check in on things while you’re not home. Also, if you have small children or elderly adults living at home, this wireless CCTV system can be a great asset in protecting your home and your loved ones. All you need is a wireless router and a Sheezhen Device and you’re set. The device uses WPA2 security so it protects your data as well as your wireless network.

Connected with Wifi Router

When you use this device you must configure it with your wifi router. To do this, connect the device to the wireless network and then log into your account on the internet. From there you can set up the device to automatically detect your mac address. It will look for a WAP file, which is similar to the Shared Folder on your computer. The Shared folder stores files and other information on your computer and the internet. You should always keep this information secure and never share it with anyone.

After you have set the Sheezhen Device up with your router you need to turn it on. Simply do a search for “Wireless Internet Device Manager” and you will find the setup wizard. Setup will take a few minutes, and then you will be all set. You can use this same setup wizard to turn your other wireless routers on so that they are able to detect the Sheezhen device.

When everything is configured, the Sheezhen Device will start communicating with the rest of your network. You will see all of your wireless devices listed on your dns server. They should all be labeled Local Area Network. You will also see a notification on the shenzhen device, telling you that there is an incoming request from a wireless device. This request is handled by your local network router.

When you log into your local network, the request is displayed on the screen. You can then choose “Yes” or “No”. If you choose “Yes”, your shenzhen device will establish a connection to your router. If you choose “No”, the device will not connect to your router.

Configure Router of SSID

After the installation of the shenzhen device on my wifi, you can go ahead and configure your router for SSID and password. You can do this by going to the Administration Tab in the CTP settings and then checking the “set up wireless router” option. In addition to that, you will need to enter the details of your external IP address and its subnet mask. These are the two pieces of information that will be necessary to configure your router to know where to find the Sheezhen device.

When you have done that, it’s time to test your new shenzhen device! To test your router, connect your device to your computer. Navigate to the shenzhen webroot through your browser, and check to see if your device shows up in the list of results. If so, your device is successfully configured and is up and running!

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