We all know that climbing to the summit is incredibly rewarding in a trek.This is the reason why we have trekkers coming on treks like Kedarkantha or Deoriatal – Chandrashila.On a trail like Nag Tibba,you get to experience the thrill of climbing a summit in just a weekend Resting at 9,914 feet, the summit of this trek is the highest in the The Garhwal Himalayas’ Nag Tibba rangeFrom here you can get a 100-degree view of the snow-capped Himalayan ranges like Swargarohini, Bandarpoonch,Kala Nag,Shrikant and Gangotri.You can also see the snowy peaks of Kedarnath Peak, Doon Valley and Changbang in the north.With such views and the climbing to earn you them,this weekend trek can be one of the best.


As you go up from one side of the mountain and come down from the other side,you also get to see a variety of views.This trek takes you through dense forests, clearings and ridge walks.All within two days This relatively unknown trail near Mussoorie is suitable for trekkers living in Delhi and NCR,who want to take an adventure on the weekend. For beginners, this trek is great for an introductory trek to the world of trekking.Nag Tibba,also popularly known as Serpent Mountain,is one of the most famous treks near Himalayas.Its proximity to Mussoorie makes it a perfect getaway for a weekend.Situated at the foothills of the beautiful Garhwal Himalayas, Nag Tibba is 9,915 feet above sea level.The staggering height makesIt is one among the region’s tallest peaks.. Once you reach the top,You can get mesmerizing views of Gangotri,Kedarnath, Bandarpunch and Shrikant peaks.With an experienced guide,you can expect a good Nag Tibba trek experience.


Whether you have taken high altitude treks or not,Nag Tibba is one of the most exciting and thrilling trips out there. The panoramic views of the Himalayas will keep you hooked throughout the trek.The camping experience coupled with the views of the dense forests makes it the perfect choice for beginners and experienced trekkers alike.If you are visiting the Garhwal region from a North Indian city,you will reach the base camp within a few hours.Actually, the base camp can be reached by road.Nag Tibba trekking starts from a beautiful village named Pantwari.With generous and courteous locals,this is a typical Garhwali village.Once you start the trek, You can also visit other nearby towns like Thatyur, Devalsari,Bandasari and Kori.The approximate distance between Nag Tibba and Pantwari is 8 kms. Since Nag Tibba is a relatively easy trek,you do not need any special skills or training to complete the journey.On the way,you pass through beautiful forests surrounded by pines,oaks and rhododendrons. During the Nag Tibba trek,you can soak in the views of the beautiful mountain ranges in the background.While trekking in the beautiful Garhwal region, you will feel very close to nature, getting a respite from the busy city life.


According to experienced trekkers,the months between April and June and October and December are ideal for planning the Nag Tibba trek.In fact, the trek is open throughout the year,making it a perfect choice for trekkers interested in snow trekking or snowfall.It’s good to plan if you want to trek on snow-capped trails It is good to plan a trek between January and March.While the winter season has its own charm,the clear sky during the summer season allows for spectacular views of the Himalayas.Irrespective of the month,the experience of Nag Tibba trek always welcomes you with a cool breeze.Since you may encounter unexpected rain, and temperatures can drop rapidly,it is important to carry warm clothing.Many trekkers also plan the Nag Tibba trek during the monsoon season.With the rains, the whole area gets a new life,and looks green.However,it is important to be careful of muddy slopes and landslides.If you wish to have a good time in solitude and peace,then the winter months would be the perfect season to plan a trip. Nag Tibba is one of the best winter treks,and allows you to walk on snow-covered trails,which seem heavenly and serene.


Since the experience of Nag Tibba trek is relatively easy,all you need is good physical fitness to start the journey.Given the staggering height,this may seem tiring, but there are no major hurdles or hindrances. With some basic stamina and stamina,you can cover the distance with ease.To prepare yourself for the trek, you can start brisk walking on a daily basis, especially in the days leading up to the trek.   

Unlike most high altitude treks,Nag Tibba trekking is ideal for families and kids as well.In fact,even a 6 year old kid is one of the trekkers to reach the top of Nag Tibba Trek.However,when you are traveling with kids,you need to modify the itinerary accordingly.It is also important to consider the general weather, things to carry,cost,etc.Nag Tibba Trek can be covered within a span of 3 days.Some trekkers also prefer to camp overnight.The slow paced trek allows you to enjoy the mesmerizing views of the dense forests and stunning Himalayas.For Nag Tibba trek, you can start from one point,and end at another.With this approach,you can cover more area.


As mentioned earlier,Nag Tibba trekking is ideal for beginners as well. Nature lovers and trekking lovers from all over the world plan their trip without any prior experience.Significantly, the travel time in the Garhwal mountains is less. The beauty of the area keeps your mind busy, and the distance seems moderate. Additionally, the entire trail is clearly marked, and allows you to trek with locals and like-minded ttrekkers 

When it comes to the demographic assortment of the Nag Tibba trek experience, people in the age group of 6 to 45 regularly plan the trip.However,it is recommended to plan your trip under the guidance and supervision of an experienced tour operator.This ensures your safety,and allows you to get thrilling travel recommendations.


Compared to other treks in the region,the experience of Nag Tibba trek is economical.At just INR 6,000,Nag Tibba Trek offers you a complete and unmatched trekking experience.With Renok Adventures,you are also guided by a team of experienced experts,which includes guides, trekkers,and support staff.

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