How Can You Cover Your Ottoman Properly?

If you notice signs of small damage on your ottomans, you don’t need to purchase a new one. Even though the structure and fabric might be in great condition, the old ottomans might not work effectively at improving the overall aesthetic of your house. Instead of replacing your old ottomans with a new one, you can simply just change the appearance of your ottomans and provide them with a new look. 

Various methods will help you cover your ottomans. Continue reading the article to know more about covering your ottomans properly. 

Why Do You Need to Cover Your Ottomans?

There are multiple reasons why you should cover your ottomans. Maybe the existing fabric is not capable of complementing the other furniture items or décor. Or the fabric might have become old and wrinkled which is degrading the appearance of the house. When you choose the best Ottoman coversyou will be able to provide your ottoman with a new look. 

Apart from that, many people use removable covers to protect the ottomans from various damages. If you have pets and kids who shed or tend to spill foods or drinks, the covers will help you protect the ottomans perfectly. One of the best things about ottoman covers is that you can wash them easily. Make sure you choose ottoman covers that come with stain-resistant fabrics. 

Reupholstering a Rectangular Ottoman 

Reupholstering your ottoman is not a big deal. If you manage to follow the basic steps, you won’t face any problems. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Remove the legs and wheels of the ottomans. 
  • Remove the old or existing fabric. Make sure you use scissors or a knife to pull off the fabric very carefully. 
  • Measure the sides and top of the ottoman for proper cover fitting. 
  • Cut the new fabrics as per your measurements. 
  • Replace the existing padding of the ottomans. 
  • Install the new fabric. 
  • Staple the hem to the wooden base of the furniture. 
  • Reattach the wheels and legs. 

Removable Ottoman Covers 

These covers are one of the best ways to protect your ottomans. The removable ottoman covers can be removed and replaced easily. As the covers are washable, you don’t need to upholster the ottomans. You can wash the removable covers as many times as you want and they will retain their original look after washing. When the damage on the covers is permanent, you can simply visit our store and purchase a new one as the removable ottoman covers are affordable. 

The process of using removable covers on your ottomans is much like the reupholstering method. But unlike the previous methods, these covers won’t be attached to the ottomans permanently. This is why you can skip removing the legs and wheels of the ottomans while installing these covers. 

  • Measure the length of the ottomans properly. Make sure the measurement is correct or the covers won’t fit properly. As per Weekends Only, you need to consider height, width, and length while measuring your furniture. Leave some extra space for sewing purposes.
  • Drape the cover on the ottoman and use pins to hold the sides effectively. 
  • Sew the corners and hem the bottom as per your needs. 


This is how you can cover your ottoman properly. If you have any other questions, make sure you comment below to let us know. 

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