Graduate Degrees Online for Ambitious Professionals

Online graduate degrees education is more popular than ever, and the internet as a forum for learning isn’t limited to certificates and undergraduate degrees. Online master’s degree programs are available through a plethora of colleges and universities, making obtaining your graduate degree more convenient but just as rewarding.

Large and well-known institutions across the country are beginning to recognize the value of online graduate degrees programs. If you’re looking to further your education online, here are some graduate degree programs you may be interested in.

Master of Business Administration

Master’s in Business Administration can be highly beneficial in almost every field. This program teaches valuable skills in accounting, human resources, business strategy, supply chain management, and economics. Universally valuable, an MBA provides a competitive edge when applying for upper management positions, regardless of your industry.

Manufacturing, hospitality, finance, banking, technology, and healthcare are just a few of the areas that value this type of graduate degree. The skills and knowledge gained through an MBA can also be used in the public sector, working for government agencies and nonprofit organizations, or applied to starting your own business.

Master of Fine Arts

Not just for aspiring writers and artists, a Master of Fine Arts has more uses than many people realize. While those looking for careers in the creative arts would obviously enjoy pursuing this type of graduate degree, you don’t need to fear being pigeonholed if you hope to have other options. MFA programs often focus on creative problem-solving, communication, and presentation skills, all of which would be highly valuable in most occupations.

In particular, for those looking to score their dream job in a creative field, this degree may be what you’re looking for. Depending on the university you choose, you may have concentration options that will give you specific training in the area you are most interested in. Graphic design, creative writing, fashion design, film production, and museum curating are just a sampling of the fields you can discover with an MFA.

Master of Library and Information Science

Another degree that seems highly specific but is actually a chameleon when it comes to real-world application is a Master of Library and Information Science. While most people think of librarians with an MLIS, and many working in that profession do hold this graduate degree, there are many other positions you can obtain with this education. The emphasis in this program is research, which is a crucial part of many professions.

Research positions are valued and sought-after roles across the spectrum of industries, and an MLIS would provide the skills and training necessary to excel in a wide variety of jobs. Museums, thinktanks, colleges, hospitals, and technology firms have a need for people who can perform research and analysis, manage collections and catalogs, and organize vast quantities of data.

In addition to these versatile programs, many higher education institutions also offer programs that are more specific. From nuclear engineering to screenwriting, the chances are good that you can find an online master’s degree program that fits your needs and interests.

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