Salad Recipes Can Boost Your Weight Loss

For a long time now, salads have been a staple for those losing weight. That said, not all salads are crafted equally. Some salads, quite simply, are tastier while still being healthy. The right salad recipes can also help ensure that you get the vitamins and nutrients that you need.

When you think of salads, you probably think of lettuce. Iceberg lettuce is among the most common lettuce. However, when it comes to crafting a top-notch salad, you may be better off using bibb lettuce or romaine lettuce. You might also skip lettuce altogether, opting for baby spinach or arugula. Kale is also a great choice. Don’t feel like you’re obligated to use lettuce.

Mixing in fruits can add more nutritional value to your salad. You may also find that fruit improves taste and does a better job of leaving you feeling filled.

Some of the best fruits to try with your salad

  • Strawberry
  • Mango
  • Apple slices
  • Oranges
  • Cherry
  • Cranberries

Another great thing to add to your salad is nuts. By combining nuts and fruits, you can balance salty and sweet. Nuts often contain vitamins and minerals not commonly found in fruits and vegetables.

Almonds are the go-to choice for many. They taste great and are rich in nutrients. Pecans are also a great choice. Pine nuts, pistachios, cashews, and walnuts can all work well with the right salad recipes. Many people drench their salads in dressings. You should be careful with dressings, however, as too much can result in not just bad flavors, but can make your salad unhealthy too.

Healthy dressing options

  • A light dose of oil and vinegar
  • Avocado dressing
  • Tahini dressing

Often, it’s best to make dressings at home. Many store-bought dressings are unhealthy, containing sugar and other ingredients that are best skipped when trying to lose weight.

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