Everything You Should Know About Stargirl

Stargirl of the DC Universe was introduced in 1999. Courtney Whitmore (Stargirl) was created as a tribute to the creator’s late sister and today is considered one of the Universe’s most endearing characters.

According to some critics of Geoff Johns creations, “to know Stargirl is to love here.” With that in mind, if you don’t know much about her, it’s time to change that. Keep reading to learn more about this iconic character and her role in the DC realm.

Stargirl Isn’t a “One Trick Pony

If you follow the DC Universe at all, you know some characters appear once and are never seen or heard from again. This isn’t the case with Courtney Whitmore.

In fact, along with her role as Stargirl, you can see Whitmore throughout “Young Justice: Outsiders.” Here she plays Whitney More, the hose of the DC Daily. In this version, Courtney is older and the host of a popular entertainment show, which is called (you guessed it) “Stargirl.”

The Stargirl Series Has an All-Star Lineup

The Stargirl series is more than just another superhero story. The all-star cast is equally impressive, including Amy Smart as Barbara, Courtney’s mom; Luke Wilson playing Pat Dugan, Courtney’s stepfather; and Lou Ferrigno Jr., the son of the well-known original Hulk.

Doctor Mid-Nite is played by Henry Thomas, who is known for playing “E.T.’s” Elliot. If you like the Justice Society, then you will see more than a few familiar villains and heroes.

Stargirl Faces True-to-Life Problems in the Series

While Stargirl is a superhero, it doesn’t exclude her from the real-life problems that most teenagers face. In fact, she must face quite a few trials and tribulations through her adolescence – one of these is braces.

This is interesting if you think about it. After all, have you seen any other superheroes with braces? As most teens would be, Courtney was unhappy when she got the braces and tried to hide her new smile from her friends and classmates. The storyline embraces the hardest parts of being a teen, giving many followers something to relate to.

Becoming a Stargirl Fan

As you can see, there’s a lot to know about Stargirl. If you haven’t heard of her before, now is a good time to meet her. The fact is, the DC Universe is large, and there are likely more than a few heroes and villains you have yet to meet. Keep exploring to see what else you can learn. 

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