Petite Dresses Tips When Buying

Choosing an appropriate dress helps you to make a statement, no matter what the occasion. However, when you’re petite, it may seem like everything on the racks and display in stores and salons is not designed with your proportions in mind. Petite dresses are available in a wide range of styles, lengths, and colors. Here are tips to help you when buying petite dresses:

Length matters

For starters, consider how long or short you want your dress to be; depending on your build and how tall you are, opting for a tea-length or floor-length style can have different effects. A tea-length dress will come just below the knee—it’s best if worn with heels. Floor-length gowns will hit above or around the ankle and will require you to wear flats or heels. You can wear a knee-length dress with heels, but it’s best to pair them with low wedges instead of high stilettos if purchased as a tea-length.

Neckline and sleeve styles

Several neckline styles come in petite sizes. Some match well on small busts while others flatter wider chests. V-neck dresses work on all body types, as do spaghetti straps and halter dresses. The top fits snugly around the upper arm areas and gently drapes down your shoulder blades without slipping off. That is a dress style that is universally flattering for most petite figures. Off-the-break dresses are also popular styles because one can wear them with or without a bra—they’re usually scalloped around the neckline and sleeves, too.

Fabric matters

Look for cotton dresses; these are great for petite women because they tend to cling well without clinging too tightly. Avoid stiff fabrics like satin, silk, or taffeta because not only do they make you look smaller than you are (due to their stiffness). However, they won’t drape fluidly around your figure. Instead of opting for draped fabric styles like chiffon, choose simple silhouettes in solid colors that will help maintain proportionality throughout the dress. Avoid ruffles as well, unless it’s a tea-length dress with a soft, flowy fabric like tulle.

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