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No more queues at the airport thanks to document verification online!

Strong airport security is an essential factor for safe air travel. Traditionally, verification of travel documents such as passports and boarding passes involved manual checking by airport staff. However, thanks to technology and a changing security landscape, document verification online systems are emerging as a tool for strengthening airport security. Online document verification offers many benefits to both passengers and airport authorities.

Why Traditional Document Verification Is A Problem

Traditional document verification requires the airport staff to visually go through and manually inspect all physical documents. While this method used to be a good option back in the day, today it is not feasible. 

The world population is increasing, and no one wants to stand in long lines waiting for the airport staff to get to them. Furthermore, even if the airport staff could rush up, the problem will still persist due to the fact that we are online now and no one likes to carry documents.

Time-consuming process

Manual document verification is exhausting and can lead to long queues and delays. This can be especially draining during peak travel times.

Human error

Since manual document verification involves real people, the likelihood of human errors is pretty high. This likelihood can persist in spite of thorough trainings on identity document fraud detection.

Limited scalability

If there are 10 staff members responsible for document verification at the airport and there is a high influx of travellers, the airport will get crowded. Thus, handling a high passenger traffic while relying on manual documents verification can become increasingly difficult. On the other hand, a document verification online system will let all people through in a matter of minutes.  

Security concerns

Physical handling of documents bears a likelihood of security risks such as loss, damage, or misinterpretation. Document verification online makes it seamless and highly secure.

Addressing the Problems With Online Identity Check Services

Document verification online does the same identity verification process while using modern technology to automate the verification process. Thus, digital verification offers an efficient and secure alternative to the traditional method.

Here’s how it works:

1. Passengers upload their documents

Document verification online at airports requires passengers to upload their documents directly to the internet. Passengers upload photos or scan images of their travel documents such as passports, boarding passes, etc. This is done through secure online portals or document verification online apps before or upon arrival at the airport. This allows for seamless e-check-ins for the passenger.

2. Automated verification

Once the passenger’s documents are online, the document verification online service gets into action. The advanced algorithms rush to look for signs of forgery and verify document authenticity, data correctness, and validity against international watchlists such as PEPs and government databases.

3. Results

After all processing is done, the service displays the results. The user is either cleared to travel or is flagged with the system alerted.

Why Document Verification Online?

Implementation of document verification online at airports is an easy way for airports and airlines to access many benefits all together at a minimal cost.

First of all, by making the process to verify documents, airports can significantly reduce their queues and waiting times for passengers. This saving time is critical for efficient airport management. When a passenger uses document verification online submission, it can take a heavy burden off them as well as the airport staff. According to research by SITA, about 97% of airports globally have adopted web check-ins for passenger document verification online. 

Secondly, advanced algorithms for processing online verification documents offer a great route to stronger security. Digital algorithms can detect fake and fraudulent documents with much more accuracy than human eyes. The same can be said for attention to detail. Overall, this reduces the risk of illegal travel and enhances airport and travel security.

Passenger experience is key to a profitable commercial personal aviation industry. Document verification online can help shorten queues and waiting times. Similarly, many people prefer to do things on their own rather than interacting with staff. Thus, with digital IDV airports can offer a comfortable travel experience.

Lastly, the elimination of a need for physical document handling and processing can lead to cost savings for airports. With document verification online, there are fewer printables, and less staff to deal with. This makes it very easy to handle routine processes as well as serious issues.


The rise of document verification online offers a significant shift in airport security practices. Today, more and more airlines and airports are setting up document verification online for improved airport services and security. By 2026%, over 90% airlines will expectedly have IT processes for improved efficiency in their flight operations. 

By embracing this technology, airports can ensure seamless passenger processing, better security, and also create a more positive travel experience. Furthermore, with increasing research and progress in AI, ML, and data management, we can expect increasing customer satisfaction and business efficiency over time.

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