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7 Things to Expect from the Future of the Internet

The Internet is full of endless possibilities for the world even after 2 decades of the dot-com boom. It has become an integral part of human civilisation with complete dependence on almost every industry. The technology will continue to evolve with some significant changes to expect in the future.

The change in technology will have an immense impact on our daily life. Thus, we should update ourselves on these possible changes to stay ahead of the latest trends. Also, the new technologies may provide great investment and career opportunities with amazing returns.

Investment Opportunities with the Change in Technology

The recent surge in the value of Bitcoin was a great lesson for people to invest in the upcoming technology. History has made us more open to evolving technologies. Moreover, you will find most of the startups entering the unicorn club belong to the technology domain.

Therefore, you should keep a close eye on the evolving technologies to invest your money for better returns than traditional stocks. Investors and financial institutions are looking forward to placing their bet on the business ideas revolving around these technologies. You have a better chance to get a guaranteed payday loan from a direct lender to start a technology startup than traditional businesses.

Future of the Internet

We cannot put a timeline on the technology development. It has surprised us in the past and left us disappointed as well. However, the current trends make the following changes seem inevitable for the future of the internet.

  1. Permanent Internet Connection

We are connecting our devices to the internet through mobile data, broadband, or Wi-Fi connections. It is the first thing we do when we buy a new smartphone for the initial setup. In the future, we can expect the device to remain connected to the internet the way we connect to the mobile network.

Individual connection is a requirement in the present world but may not remain a thing in the future. It will save everyone time and money to connect their devices to the internet. Moreover, the internet connection will become accessible for everyone with a device regardless of their location.

  • Evolution of AR and VR

Augmented and virtual reality is evolving at a rapid pace with their introduction to smartphone apps. We can create a digital version of ourselves through the front camera and the underlying technologies. However, the user will become more practical for some businesses than fun ways to share emotions.

You will find the use of AR and VR to try the products through online shopping apps. People can take a preview of furniture in their space before placing an order. Thus, the eCommerce business will gain more trust from the users with a significant increase in their use.

  • Automation

Technology is already replacing manual labour in different industries because of the growth of AI and machine learning. We can expect a significant shift in the professional world with the elimination of many jobs. It is hard to blame the employers since the machines will provide more accuracy and cost less than humans.

However, it doesn’t mean the people will not get the opportunity to make a living. Industries will require people to develop and manage the machines with better pay than manual labour. The employees in the key role will have more time to focus on critical tasks with the help of automation.

  • Paid Privacy

Privacy in the age of social media is a sensitive topic of discussion, with brands trying very hard to get every information of their target audience. We give permission to the apps in our smartphones to access personal information. Only a few people find the time to read the terms and conditions to know the use of their information.

People are already paying additional money to some brands for their privacy policies. We can expect the same trend to evolve, with privacy being a luxury only a few people can afford. It may sound bizarre, but people already feel the need for privacy with brands trying to push in their personal space.

  • IoT Prevalence

IoT is a hot word in the technology world trying to connect everything with a centralised device. You can already control your home appliances with your smartphone. However, the future may unfold a new chapter with cars and other items connected through the internet.

The connectivity will ensure freedom for the population since it may affect financial transactions and healthcare. More people will have access to information that may change their standard of living. Moreover, the comfort while interacting with the daily appliances will significantly increase with the development of IoT.

  • Faster Updates

We expect our smartphone providers to update the software or hardware once every year. They have been successful at keeping up with the pace of technology development in recent years. But the future may change the situation with faster updates through the different technology domains.

Manufacturers and developers will face a difficult time keeping up with the developments. The cost and available resources may become a serious problem considering the skill gap.

  • Internet Connection Outside Earth

Earth is the only planet in our solar system with an internet connection, but the fact will not remain true for long. Space agencies and billionaires like Elon Musk are trying to colonise Mars. Therefore, Mars may get an internet connection by the year 2030 if the words of SpaceX owners are to be believed.

The successful colonising of a different planet may become the greatest feat of our civilisation. It will open a different chapter in space exploration with humans inhabiting other planets. Thus, we may not experience the impact of the Internet on Mars soon, but the next generations will undoubtedly reap its benefits.


To sum up, we can expect some enormous changes in the future of the Internet. These changes will have a direct impact on our lives to make them simpler and comfortable. However, the drawbacks are also evident, with millions losing their jobs and increasing dependency on technology.

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