A Guide of Benefits for Your Differently-Abled Child

Life is full of uncertainties. It can bless your will with so many things and sometimes test you. There is always a blessing in disguise. Speaking of disabilities and life-threatening health problems, there must be a reason behind this. If you are a parent of a differently-abled child, it will be overwhelming to offer care and attention to the child.

But luckily, there are several ways and benefits that you can claim for the support and care of the child. All you have to be sure of is what your child is entitled to and eligible for. Getting benefits from organizations and the government will remove some burden and financial stress from your shoulders.

If you are wondering what benefits you can avail yourself, here is a list that you can consider: 

Disability Living Allowance

If your child is under 16 years old, you will be able to claim disability living allowance if the child is disabled. There is another eligibility criterion for this allowance which says that if the child is facing any life-threatening disease and needs more care and support than a normal child.

To get this allowance, you might need to show them some samples of how it affects your daily life and routine. If your child is around 3 or 4 years, you can also consider applying for nonprofit children’s wish opportunities to grant a wish to your child with a disability.

Child Benefit 

Child benefits are also for children with health problems. To claim a child benefit, you will need to prove that your child is under 16 or 20 years old. If your child is 20 years old and in approved education or training.

If the child is disabled, there is a restriction that your child will not get extra benefits. 

Disabled Facilities Grant 

It is a grant which you can get in a case when planning to alter your house to make it according to your child’s needs. You can get this grant from your local authority. This will not affect any other benefits that you are getting.

It will also not affect the income. So, you can make your home according to the needs of your differently-child.

Personal Independence Payment 

If your child crosses the age of 16, you cannot claim for disability living allowance. Instead of this allowance, they can apply for personal independence payment.

If your child is already getting disability allowance living, once they turn 16, they can automatically get the personal independence payment. Your child can be applicable for this even after 16 years if they don’t have a disability or any life-threatening disease. If your child has mobility problems, they can also get the PIP. 

Child Tax Credit 

A child tax credit is a payment to support parents with low incomes and disabled children. Over the years, with the changes in law, it has been replaced by universal credit. If you are already receiving a child tax credit, you can also apply for DLA, PIP, and child disability payments. If you are confused about these benefits, you check more about them online, and the best way is to communicate with citizens.

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