Portugal Digital Nomad Visa

As a person who loves to work from anywhere in the world, boundaries are nothing. Different countries in the world want to hold such people within their premises for as long as they work for others. At first, this boosts their economy through immigration purposes such as for residence and other necessities. And secondly, it helps the country to attract people from a visa type such as the digital nomad visa. 

Portugal’s Digital Nomad Visa allows people who love to work from a place of their choice to come and work from Portugal. Portugal is a clu try that attracts many visitors each year. They can be expats, freelancers, investors, retirees, and businessmen. And there is everything for everyone who loves to get different benefits. Let’s begin with what you can expect in Portugal.

What you can Expect after Moving to Portugal 

Portugal is not all about a holiday destination but a place where you can find the actual meaning of a happy life. And you can expect a lot of spectacular options when you move to Portugal. 

·         Quality Life

Portugal is known for its pleasant climate and atmosphere. With beautiful beaches and landscapes, it provides a splendid quality of life.

·         Low Cost of Living

An affordable lifestyle is one of the best trademarks of Portugal. This is why expats love and enjoy living in Portugal since living there does not force them to break the bank.

·         Atmosphere and Environment 

Regarded as one of the safest places in the world., Portugal offers its residents the best environment to thrive. Also being one of the safest countries in the world, you can enjoy a comfortable life here.

·         Citizenship 

Portugal offers residential options and freedom to its expats. It further improves the pathways to citizenship alongside its Golden Visa program with other immigration sources. 

·         Education and Healthcare 

For families and retirees, good education and affordable and quality healthcare is essential. Thanks to Portugal, it is all an accessible reality with ease.

·         Exploration Opportunities 

Given Portugal’s geographical location, it sets you at the perfect place to begin further exploration into other countries and cities of Europe.

Portugal’s Digital Nomad Visa Types

The digital nomad visa allows people to stay in Portugal while they work for a client anywhere else in the world. This allows them to get a residence in Portugal and stay there while the working on a project. However, there are two types of nomad visas that you can apply for.

·         Residency Visa

The residency visa allows you to stay in Portugal for an initial four months. And once you enter Portugal, you can apply for a two years residency permit.

·         Temporary Stay Visa

The temporary stay visa allows you to stay in Portugal for a period of 12 months. But you cannot extend this visa and neither uses it to obtain a residency permit.

Eligibility Criteria for the Digital Nomad Visa

To ensure you land the digital nomad visa, ensure you meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • You must be 18 years or older
  • The visa is only for non-EU/Swiss/EEA nationals
  • Your monthly salary must be of at least €3,040
  • Your work contract must state remote or freelance work
  • You must have arranged accommodation in Portugal 

Documents Needed for Digital Nomad Visa

There are certain documents needed to apply for a digital nomad visa. These include:

  • Valid passport
  • Two passport-size photos
  • Work contract as evidence
  • Bank record declaring your monthly salary of €3,040
  • NIF registration certificate 
  • Evidence of tax returns
  • Letter detailing your relocation to Portugal (in English)
  • Ticket to Portugal 
  • Health insurance in Portugal 
  • Police certificate 
  • Proof of property ownership in Portugal 
  • Evidence of family relationship 

Why work with Portugal Residency Advisors?

  • Local Expertise

We know Portugal. Due to our extensive local knowledge, we believe that concentrating our services in a single country destination is the best way to give you the most thorough and useful information. 

  • Holistic Approach

One single channel of communication for the entire process. We provide you with a comprehensive service that covers all aspects of your move, from identifying the ideal residency visa to finding your new home or helping you to settle. 

  • Transparent Service

We recommend what’s best for you based on an extensive process experience that saves time and money for clients. Our pricing is clear and competitive, and we don’t sell services that make us more money.

  • Simple Process

Technology plays a very important role in our company. We minimize our clients’ involvement in paperwork. We are customers ourselves and we know how to serve you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Portugal’s Digital Nomad Visa

  1. How much does Portugal’s digital nomad visa cost?

The temporary stay visa costs €75 whereas the long-term visa costs €90.

  • How long does the digital nomad visa take to process?

The digital nomad visa usually takes around 60 to 90 days pertaining all documents are correct and present.

  • What is the validity of Portugal’s Digital Nomad Visa?

The long-term or residency visa is valid for four months and can be renewed to a two-year residency visa. Whereas the temporary stay visa is valid for 12 months only.

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