Do you want to achieve a certain result? Then it is worth choosing a sports nutrition suitable for your goal.

Consider the main advantages of sports nutrition for muscle growth:

+ The process of gaining muscle mass is accelerated;

+ Reducing the load on the gastrointestinal tract by reducing portions of food;

+ Depending on the composition, sports nutrition can enhance the process of fat burning;

+ A wide range of sports nutrition helps to fill the deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body, making your diet more balanced;

+ Sports nutrition is a legal way to gain the muscle mass that does not cause negative consequences.

Supplements That Will Help You Build Muscle:

Gainer _

This special nitrogen-containing acid increases stamina and strength, helping to gain muscle mass quickly. The content of proteins and carbohydrates creates a surplus of calories, due to which there is a set of muscle mass.

In addition to proteins and carbohydrates, the composition includes vitamins and saturated fats. In addition, the gainer helps the body to absorb creatine better – an indispensable supplement for weight gain. Athletes often take both drugs at the same time. For the best effect, you need to drink three servings: before training, after it, and in the morning of the next day to neutralize the catabolism processes.

Creatine _

This nutritional supplement has been clinically tested and is one of the safest. Thanks to creatine, there is an increase in body weight and an improvement in strength indicators.

The supplement helps to retain water in the muscles, as a result of which there is an increase in muscle mass, and the structure becomes denser. One of the most highly effective varieties of creatine is creatine monohydrate.

protein _

Protein is a versatile sports nutrition containing pure protein that helps build muscle tissue. Typically, one serving of 40 g of protein contains 30 g. This is the maximum amount that the body can absorb in one meal.

The most effective and popular are:

1. Whey protein. Absorbed instantly in the body. Please take it in the morning or immediately after your workout for the best results.

2. Casein. This protein is digested on average in 7 hours. Therefore, taking the supplement before training or at night is best. So during training or rest, casein will gradually fill the muscles with amino acids.


A complex of amino acids that our body does not produce on its own. However, they are necessary for a competent set of muscle mass. The composition includes:

– isoleucine;

– leucine;

– valine.

BCAAs increase insulin production, accelerating the flow of amino acids into the blood. This function eliminates the damaging factor of the hormone cortisol and stimulates the body to recover more quickly. In addition, the supplement promotes the breakdown of fat cells during cardio training.

Vitamin and mineral complexes

An important part of the work on increasing muscle mass is maintaining the vitamin and mineral balance in the body. Vitamin complexes help not only during training but also in recovery after it. A sufficient amount of essential substances keeps you healthy, improves immunity, and maintains the general condition of the body.

The main thing is to take exactly sports vitamin complexes. Their difference from the usual ones is a wide variety of compositions and a sufficient dosage. Every athlete knows that intense physical activity requires more vitamins.

Remember another important aspect of effective training. If your goal is to increase muscle mass, you must include pre-workout drugs in your diet.

This hot blood supplement will help during your workout. After taking “pre-workout,” blood flow to the muscles increases, endurance and strength increase, concentration during training improves, and internal energy allows you to achieve the maximum effect from training.

We introduced you to sports supplements to help you quickly and efficiently build the desired muscle mass and maintain excellent well-being and health!

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