Advantages of Shredding Companies in Business Establishments

A shredding company in your business establishment can be a great way to keep your business records private, secure and safe. Shredding companies provide secure onsite shredding services. It helps businesses to protect themselves from data breaches, theft, and other illegal activities.

Onsite shredding

Keeping sensitive information safe is a top priority for businesses of all sizes. Keeping documents secure reduces the risk of competitors stealing your trade secrets and interrupting your operations. Also, you will have to notify your customers if your company’s security measures are breached.

If you’re seeking to cut costs, shredding companies fort Lauderdale are the way to go.

Onsite shredding is a savvy way to secure your company’s information and improve employee retention rates. It also lets you keep a close eye on your documents so you don’t accidentally delete important information. It is especially beneficial for businesses with the high customer or employee data volumes.

Aside from the usual suspects, companies like Gilmore Services, ProShred, and Iron Mountain also offer onsite shredding. These companies offer one-time purge and ongoing shredding services. They provide secure containers that are located in strategic locations to ensure ease of access.

Some companies can provide you with a Certificate of Destruction that demonstrates that your data was shredded securely. It is one of the essential benefits of onsite shredding. Having a certificate to hand out to customers can be very reassuring.

Cross-cut vs. micro-cut shredders

Choosing a suitable paper shredder for your business is essential. The best choice is based on your needs and budget. Understanding the differences between cross-cut and micro-cut shredders can help you make the right choice.

Micro-cut shredders produce microscopic particles that are nearly impossible to reconstruct. They are commonly used in government and research facilities. They can reduce a single sheet of paper to more than 12,000 particles.

Cross-cut shredders produce larger particles ranging from 0.5 to a quarter of an inch. They are larger than P-3 shredders but smaller than P-1 or P-4 shredders. They are cheaper than micro-cut shredders.

Micro-cut shredders have a finer blade structure, which occupies less space than a cross-cut machine. This results in a minor millimeter cut and less sheet processing at one time. However, these shredders are very expensive and only suitable for large corporations or government agencies.

Cross-cut paper shredders cut paper in strips, both horizontally and vertically. They produce a medium level of security but are not recommended for high-security shredding. They also require an extra vertical cutting step.

Certificate of Destruction

Using a professional shredding company is an ideal way to eliminate large volumes of archived files. The service can save valuable time and resources for more critical business tasks. Using the services of a professional shredding company can also help you to avoid a data breach, which is the number one cause of the business interruption.

Certificate of Destruction (COD) is a fancy-sounding piece of paper that a shredding company will provide to you. It contains information about the shredding service you will use and a few other tidbits of information. It is a requisite for any size shredding job, so you must get it from a reputable company.

The Certificate of Destruction is also an excellent way to reduce liability risks. It provides a solid record of what you have done, reassuring that you follow all relevant laws.

The Certificate of Destruction (COD) is one of the essential documents that any business owner or office manager will have to look for. Most commercial paper shredding providers will provide it to you. Using a professional shredding company means you will not have to worry about a data breach, a hefty liability risk, or any other issues that might arise.

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