Matt Stonie’s Girlfriend

We are sure you’ve heard of the actor’s relationship with Mei Oyewode but did you know that he has a girlfriend? This article will provide you with all the details you need to know about Mei. Read on to find out what she loves to eat and her net worth. You may also be interested in learning more about Matt Stonie’s girlfriend, Mei.


The internet is buzzing over the latest relationship rumor involving Matt Stonie and his girlfriend Mei Stonie. Despite the couple’s public silence, Mei’s Instagram account is full of details about their relationship. Her highlight folder, “M&M,” is a great way to get a peek at what the couple’s relationship looks like. The couple has been dating for more than five years.

Mei has been posting pictures of herself and Stonie on social media, and has even created a highlight reel of pictures of the two of them. She captioned one photo, “5.5 years with this guy, and counting!” — a reference to the fact that they’ve been dating for over five years! While this is a pretty impressive feat, there is still no word on whether the couple will get engaged in the near future.

Mei’s favorite food

In case you’re wondering what Mei Stonie’s favorite food is, you’re in luck. Stonie’s Instagram account is full of candid details about the couple’s life. Mei is a big fan of sushi, so she’s likely to be happy to know that Matt shares her love for sushi. The two also have two dogs. Mei is known for her video content about her life with Stonie, and she frequently makes videos with the star.

Mei and Matt have a lot in common, including their love for sushi and adventure. While Matt loves his career as a chef, Mei is an avid hiker and enjoys trying new foods. Her favorite foods include Hokkaido Milk Mille, Marion Crepes from Hawaii, Pekoe tea, and Margaritas. She is also a passionate photographer and has climbed Missions Peak in Milpitas, California.

Mei’s relationship with Matt Stonie

Mei’s relationship with Matt Stonye is not exactly a secret. The couple has been dating for over seven years. The relationship began with Mei posting a photo on Instagram of their two dogs. Stonie, a successful YouTuber, has a net worth of $3 million. In addition to Mei, Matt has been dating other people as well. In addition to Mei, Stonie has two other dogs, as well.

Mei is an adventure geek who enjoys hiking, biking, and nature. Matt and Mei have a special highlight on Mei’s Instagram. The pair often post pictures of their adventures, and Mei frequently captions the photos with “#hustle.” The two have been spotted holding hands and taking selfies during filming. They also post hilarious videos that feature Mei behind the camera.

Mei’s net worth

Mei Stonie’s Instagram profile reveals a lot about her personal life. She’s frequently pictured with her boyfriend, Matt Stonie. One highlighter folder features pictures of the couple. They were spotted celebrating Christmas with Matt’s family in early 2017. While the two have not revealed their relationship status publicly, their relationship has been public for quite some time. As of 2019, they have been dating for over five years.

Mei has a very good net worth, but there’s little doubt that her presence on the couple’s Instagram account is likely to raise eyebrows. In fact, the two have shared behind-the-scenes images from their YouTube videos. Additionally, Mei has travelled to many places. Recently, she visited Disneyland in California. Whether her presence in the two-man-show is a reflection of her wealth, it’s not entirely clear.

Mei’s dating history

The long-term relationship between Mei and Matt Stonie has come to light after the social media star revealed her secret behind her Instagram account. Mei and Matt have been dating for more than five years. They recently celebrated the fifth year anniversary of their first conversation on the social network. While Matt and Mei have not revealed their relationship status publicly, they have kept their personal life separate from their professional lives.

Mei Stonie and Matt met in February 2014. Since then, the two have been dating and interacting on social media. In January 2019, the couple visited Hawaii and hiked Koko Head and Maunawili Falls. Neither of them has announced whether they are engaged or not. Mei will be turning 32 in December 2021. However, there is a lot of speculation regarding their love affair.

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