How to Decorate a Collage Dorm Party

College dorm parties have their rules and regulations, but these parties can still be fun! If you are planning to throw one, make sure to have your roommates and neighbors on board! Be sure to be considerate of each person’s schedule and be sure to notify the RA! You will also want to consider the size of your dorm party. Here are some suggestions for your next college party! Theme: There are plenty of options to celebrate your college graduation.

Board games

There are many different ways to have a successful college board game party. One of the best options is a simple, fast-paced game that involves chance. These games are often familiar to most people and can be a great time-saver. Many board games can last up to 15 minutes, making them an easy transition from one game to another. Longer games can allow multiple rounds, which can be especially helpful if everyone plans on staying up late.

Similarly, if you want to have a more traditional party with more time, a game like Apples to Apples could be an excellent choice. Players are paired off, and the object of the game is to match nouns with adjectives. Each round, a judge will give a point based on the entertainment value of the game. This game is a great choice for college students who would like to get away from their stressors and focus on something fun.

Grilled cheese sandwiches

A grilled cheese college dorm party is a great way to celebrate the delicious, low-cost treat. Although they’re not as expensive as ribs, grilled cheese sandwiches can be just as important as a meat-heavy meal during a game day party. They can be made with just bread and cheese or can be dressed up with various fillings, like bacon, apple slices, or onion jam. Be sure to include some alcoholic drinks, too.

If you’re hosting a college dorm party, you’ll have to make sure to have an iron handy. Depending on the type of dorm you’re staying in, panini presses might be prohibited. Besides, microwaves don’t provide the grilled cheese sandwich’s signature crunch. Luckily, you can still make grilled cheese sandwiches in your own kitchen with a simple iron and a few sheets of aluminum foil. You can even use a thick dishcloth as an ironing board!

JBL speakers

When it comes to choosing a speaker for a collage dorm party, the best choice might be a pair of JBL speakers. Not only are they capable of producing powerful sound, but their compact design makes them easy to carry around. This makes them perfect for parties on the go and enables you to take advantage of their wireless connectivity. The speakers even have buttons to adjust volume, bass, and treble.

For those of you who love listening to music, consider the JBL Charge. This Bluetooth speaker has a built-in rechargeable battery that allows you to listen to tunes even when the music stops. The speaker is bigger than standard JBL speakers, but is still portable and water-resistant. It features an improved LED light show, and the battery life is about eight hours. If you have more than one speaker in your room, consider a pair of JBL speakers to give everyone a chance to dance the night away.


If you’re hosting a collage dorm party this year, plant life is the perfect choice for your decoration. Aside from making the room look prettier, plants can also be useful for healing the effects of sunburn. You can find succulents and herbs that need little care and water and are great for dorm rooms. In addition to their many medicinal uses, plants can also improve your mental health. They can boost your memory and concentration, as well as reduce symptoms of depression.

If you want to save money, consider buying low maintenance houseplants. Peace lilies, for instance, are low-maintenance and require little care. You can also use a ceramic elephant to symbolize good luck. For an even more fun collage party theme, you can consider choosing succulent plants. These houseplants require little water and can survive forgetfulness. Succulent plants will survive your lack of attention and are low-maintenance.

Keeping noise level under control

While college is a fun and sociable time, if you have a dorm room full of party-goers, keeping the noise level under control is crucial. The University of Utah has regulations regarding the amount of noise that is allowed to be heard within the residence halls. While this is a great way to relax after a long day of classes, it is also necessary to maintain a reasonable level of noise to prevent disturbances of other residents and ensure that residents are able to return home safely.

It is important to respect the neighbor’s privacy, especially if the dorm party is a surprise to your neighbors. Some dorms have quiet periods, but not all students observe them. If you do not inform your neighbors, you might have to cancel the party. However, if the party is just for one night, your neighbors will not mind. And if it does get rowdy, the neighboring dorms will be more likely to forgive you.

Keeping valuables hidden

College is a frenzied time of your life. You’ll have new roommates and parties with strangers. Keeping valuables safe is essential, especially when you’re in an unfamiliar house with strangers. Besides, you don’t always know who might come to your dorm. There are a few ways to avoid a college security breach. Below are some tips.

Keep in mind that thieves are always on the lookout for things to steal. It’s wise to avoid leaving valuables in plain sight, such as on desks. If you are unsure of someone, don’t leave anything on display. If you cannot leave your items in plain sight, store them in a personal safe or a closet. This way, no one can steal your things.

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