7 Things to Add to Your Business Cards to Make Them Memorable

In this digital world, everything has shifted online, but one thing that will never go out of style in the corporate world is the business card. While handing these out, you are not just sharing your business details but gaining potential customers.

Before visiting business card printing services, create a checklist of the things you want on the cards: your name, designation, company logo, color palette, size, fonts, elements, etc. If it looks aesthetically pleasing, it will create a positive image and help people remember your brand.

Information for Business Cards

Here are seven important things to include on your business card:

The first and foremost thing your card will require is your business logo. It is not just a fancy-looking symbol that adds color and fills space; it is proof of your credibility. While soliciting business card printing services, discuss the placements to make everything look pleasing and professional.

#2 Company Name

Along with the company’s logo, you should include its name beside or below the logo. Inserting the name will help people place you. Ensure the company name is printed correctly and prominently.

#3 Business Tagline

If your business card is very attractive but doesn’t give customers an idea of your company and industry, it has no purpose. Every business has a short tagline that describes who they are. These few words usually sum up the offerings crisply if the company does not have a tagline, including its niche or products/services, briefly but memorably.

#4 Your Name & Designation

Don’t use your initials or just your first name. Instead, use your full name along with your designation on the card. That way, even if customers don’t remember your name, they can simply recall your designation.

#5 Contact Information

You are giving your card in hopes of not only letting people know about your business but also acquiring a prospective client. Hence, it is crucial to provide all the relevant contact details of your business on the card. Mention your work email and phone number.

#6 Web Address and Physical Location

Nowadays, almost every business, be it small or big, has a website that features its services and highlights. When offering your business card, the goal is to build a lasting relationship of trust and loyalty. Remember that the design and aesthetic of a business card should match that of your website. If the difference is too evident, it might imply that you and your company are not on the same page. 

Another thing you can do is to create a QR code of your website’s URL and place it on the card. This saves space and just requires a quick scan. If you do not have a website or want physical visits, mention your complete office address.

#7 Social Media Handles

If your business generates traffic primarily through social media, include social media icons on the card to tell them on what platforms they can find you. You do not have to mention all the platforms. Just mention those where you are most active to give them a glimpse of your business.

Wrapping It Up

Remember the above points, and don’t forget that the card should have ample white space. Discuss the fonts and elements with the business card printing service to give it a premium feel. Experiment and see which designs suit your business the best. Once you have a professional stack, you can hand them out confidently.

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