Fillers for jawline: what to expect

When I was in my forties, my face began to appear stretched and drooping around the jawline, whereas in my twenties, it had been very oval-shaped with a fuller cheek area. I called Novomed with very little understanding of getting fillers in Sharjah and what the treatment consisted of. The corresponding staff was fantastic from the beginning explaining everything so thoroughly and always asking me if I had any questions.

They also mentioned how easy their booking process is via electronic and conventional means. I was so taken with this kind of medical professionalism that I later scheduled a free consultation. I made the decision to start my treatment right away after seeing the best plastic surgeon in Dubai!

The doctor performed a detailed examination of my skin complexion to understand my needs better. He then proceeded to keep me involved and shared a treatment plan that would deliver the best results. One of the suggestions was to use cheek filler to give volume to my cheeks, uplift the skin slightly, and add a definition where volume loss was occurring.

The doctor started by applying a local anesthetic to numb the area., then proceeded to inject filler into multiple locations of my upper cheek. Even though the filler injections didn’t hurt, I could feel them going in under my skin, which is a very strange feeling.

Filler benefits were evident right away! The results were much better than I expected. I wanted the result to be very subtle and look overdone, which is exactly what I got; giving the face a natural look and making the jaw stand out.

After my cheek filler, I didn’t have to take any time off. I saw the results right away, and they were Excellent. My face was a little sore, but I was able to go to brunch and a dinner party that same day with no problem.

My doctor instructed me not to work out hard for the first 24 to 48 hours and to sleep on my back the first night after the treatment. He also told me to avoid facials for two weeks since massaging the treated site isn’t recommended. Aside from these preventive measures, getting cheek filler during your lunch break and returning to work is really simple. You might have some minor swelling and bruises, but nothing too bad.

I am incredibly appreciative of the excellent care I received from Novomed and would totally recommend them to everyone.

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