Top 14 Best Fitness Tracking Apps for Android

Monitoring your fitness should be an integral part of your life if you want to remain physically active and full of vitality. It is useful in demonstrating the progression of your health over months or even years. These tracking applications aim to increase your motivation to put forth your best effort to achieve a better number. The user can keep tabs on the amount of time that effortlessly spent walking, the amount of water consumed, and the total number of calories burned by using this application.

A balanced diet and consistent physical activity are the two most important components of a healthy lifestyle. Getting enough rest and managing things like your medication are both important parts of taking care of your body. A good application plays an important role in effectively managing health lines while maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

The users can quickly select personal instances for tracking their diet, workouts, and medications, making life much simpler. These top fitness apps help maintain your body’s fitness level, as well as your mental and emotional health and your diet plan.

The present-day and age are rife with pressure, easy access to pleasure, and opportunities for indulgence. Over 2.5 million fitness tracking applications can be downloaded from the Play Store and the Apple Store, making it significantly more difficult to select the most appropriate one. The mentioned below are the best ten fitness tracking applications:

  • Zones for Training
  • Fooducate
  • JEFIT Workout Planner Gym Log
  • My Fitness Pal
  • Glo
  • PEAR Personal Fitness
  • HeadSpace
  • Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer
  • Sworkit
  • The 7-Minute Workout
  • Leap Fitness Step Counter
  • OEM Fitness Tracker App
  • Hardware Fitness Tracker
  • Runkeeper

Zones for Training:

Zones for Training is the best fitness tracking application that integrates with iOS watches so that you can keep an eye on your pulse at all times. Zones for Training carefully monitor your resting and active heart rates. This app will help you maintain your target heart rate to get the most out of your workouts.

It then provides parameters to determine when you are burning fat and reaching your peak activity level. It allows you to either remain in the phase in which you are burning fat or to challenge yourself further.

It is the ideal complement to the Apple Watch, which already incorporates a high-quality heart rate monitor into its design. This app is best suited for someone who is more experienced with working out and who desires more specific details to assist them in reaching their goals.


If you’re a foodie, you’ll love Fooducate. This app is well-known for its barcode scanner, which assigns each scan a letter grade to assist shoppers in deciding if an item is appropriate to put in their basket or put back on the shelf and comprehensive nutrition analysis. 

Fooducate’s daily nutrient counts will let you know if you aren’t getting enough of anything important like protein or if you need to increase the amount of iron you take in. This app ensures that the food and drinks you consume for your body with what it requires.

JEFIT Workout Planner Gym Log:

JEFIT Workout Tracker is a fitness tracker app that does a good job and has a lot of features. The application allows users to track their fitness, has support for multiple platforms (Android, iOS, and the web), includes a training program, and includes additional features such as workout timers. 

Over 1,300 types of workouts are supported, and you can record your progress through any of them. You can also track your progress over time, set goals for yourself, and view video demonstrations of each exercise. A free version of the app is functional, but there are also options for paying a monthly or annual fee to unlock everything.

My Fitness Pal:

MyFitnessPal has an enormous food database containing more than 11 million foods. It also has a restaurant logger that will ensure you do not miss counting calories when you eat at a restaurant. It has been at the top of the charts for quite some time now: it has been praised by leading publishers for its capabilities that appear to be limitless.

It is the fitness app for someone who wants everything: it logs exercise stats and records caloric intake, helps you change your habits to meet personal health goals, and offers unparalleled customization options for each component.

It synchronizes all of your workouts by integrating with over 50 different apps and devices. It has a library with over 350 different strength training and cardiovascular workouts in case you need a starting point.


Glo is a technology-enabled health and wellness company that focuses on providing an online yoga and meditation platform. This platform features thousands of professionally-filmed examples of yoga, meditation, and Pilates, in addition to educational materials.

For Americans who began socially isolating themselves in March, engaging in regular activities such as attending my twice-weekly Orangetheory Fitness class may seem like an alien concept at this point. And while going for runs outside has been an essential component in preserving your mental health. 

PEAR Personal Fitness:

Pear Personal Coach App is compatible with both Android and iOS. It offers the most helpful and comprehensive fitness programs. The application contains many different workout routines, ranging from outside runs to at-home resistance training. Each one includes an audio track of a real coach who guides you through the various movements.

Although wearing a heart rate monitor is not essential to using the app, doing so will significantly improve its performance. There is even a calibration exercise, which consists of a run that determines your lactic threshold and personalizes your heart rate training for each of the other exercises based on your unique number.


Headspace is your personal trainer to help you become more mindful in all aspects of your life. To become more centered and well rested, you should learn how to relax, manage stress, and focus your energy. Utilizing Headspace will help you cultivate an atmosphere that is peaceful and upbeat.

Master the art of mindfulness with instruction from eminent authorities such as Andy puddicomb, co-founder of Headspace and a former monk. Utilizing Headspace’s guided meditation, sleep meditation, and breathing exercises can assist you in experiencing less stress and more restful sleep. You can select one of the hundreds of guided meditations on a new subject every day, such as relaxation, focusing, anxiety, and more.

Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer:

Daily Workouts FREE is an excellent daily workout routine for both men and women that can last anywhere from five to thirty minutes and guides you through some of the most effective exercises that you can perform in the convenience of your own home. 

Strengthening and toning your body can be accomplished in as little as a few minutes per day. These tried-and-true exercises, which a qualified personal trainer is demonstrating, work all of the major muscles. You will have no trouble understanding and following along with each exercise thanks to the straightforward interface of the routine, which includes a video and a timer.


Sworkit is the best fitness app available for iPhone, Android, or web users. Our workout plans are structured to assist you in reaching your fitness goals more efficiently and straightforwardly. People who are new to fitness, want to supplement their current fitness habits, or are just too busy to make it to the gym are ideal candidates for the Sworkit Fitness system.

It shouldn’t matter if you’re a new mom getting back in shape, a dad who is no longer digging that dad-bod, a traveler who needs fitness on the road, or a busy professional who just needs an easy way to get into great shape; the Sworkit Fitness system is for you.

The 7-Minute Workout:

The 7-Minute Workout is not easy, but it will get you results if you stick with it. Because it is premised on scientific methods, you can have faith that it will accomplish what it is intended to. However, not everyone would enjoy doing so. 

To get the most out of it, you have to put in a lot of effort, which could be difficult for people who have health issues related to their joints or backs. Some exercises, such as jumping jacks, squats, and lunges, can be especially taxing on the knees. Push-ups can put a strain on your wrists as well as your shoulders and neck.

Leap Fitness Step Counter:

The Leap Fitness Step Counter app is a good option for those looking for a straightforward step counter. It does not use GPS tracking for your steps and does not require you to sign in before it begins tracking your steps. Because of this, it is an excellent app in terms of both simplicity and privacy. 

In essence, all it does is count your steps, monitor your progress, and check that you meet your targets daily. There are some options for backing up and restoring data and some theming choices. There is a free version and a pro version that does not include advertisements. It is an adequate step tracker app for users who are looking for something simple.

OEM Fitness Tracker App:

Some Android devices already have fitness tracker apps installed. One particularly notable example is Samsung Health. These apps can track the number of steps you take each day and some aspects of your diet. 

The features are different from one device to the next. Samsung Health can monitor even vital signs like blood pressure and glucose levels in the blood. On the other hand, if you have a device that already includes built-in fitness tracking capabilities, we suggest giving it a tried-and-true test to see if it works for you. 

In a technical sense, Google Fit is also relevant to this discussion. After all, the manufacturer of the phone provides direct support for it, and there is no charge for using it. However, since that can be installed on any device, we chose not to include it in this package.

Hardware Fitness Tracker:

The hardware that goes into fitness trackers is widely available. It’s likely that you’re familiar with a variety of brands, such as Fitbit, Garmin, and Xiaomi. These are devices that you wear, and they keep track of your statistics. 

They all come with an official app that allows you to view your progress, keep track of what you’ve accomplished, and track your development over time. Fitbit is most likely the most well-known example of this. In comparison to a full-fledged smartwatch, the hardware is quite affordable, but it performs admirably despite its lack of sophistication. 


Runkeeper is a fitness tracker app for runners. It keeps track of things like the distance you run, how fast you run, and how often you run. The application is compatible with Wear OS devices in addition to other applications such as MyFitnessPal. 

It seems to be working alright. After pressing the “go” button, you immediately begin to move forward. The app takes care of everything else. In addition to that, it has a stopwatch mode for activities such as doing cardio on a treadmill indoors. 

Even integration with Spotify is included, although we would have preferred integration with a wider variety of music apps. In any event, you can get some stuff for free if you use MyFitnessPal, for example. If you want access to the rest of it, a subscription is also available. Runners can use it, but that’s about it for its applicability.

Final Words:

The preceding article discusses fitness applications for a healthy mind and body. These fitness apps allow people to exercise without having to hire a trainer. In their hectic schedules, most people do not have enough time to devote to their health.

Users can exercise at any time from home by following the instructions and guidelines provided in the app. This application provides a comprehensive guide to gym methods for weight loss, muscle gain, diet plans, and staying in shape.

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