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Bookkeeping includes keeping daily records, which serve as the foundation for all financial reporting. It is critical to have a current, accurate, and complete record of all transactions. To record these transactions, employers utilise accounting software such as Sage, QuickBooks, and Xero, as well as excel spreadsheets. Getting comfortable with accounting software is a crucial step in obtaining a job as a bookkeeper.

Future Connect ensures you are aware of them by teaching you how to do so with our practical accounting training. It includes instruction on using various accounting software and entering the process, reconciling, and submitting VAT to the HMRC portal when working for an employer or starting a business, the most crucial element in dealing with Bookkeeping.

Level 2 AAT Course Criteria

This AAT course is designed to provide you with a thorough understanding of bookkeeping and accounting fundamentals. The course covers the many bookkeeping procedures and practices required to capture and maintain financial data daily. Future Connects unique strategy of combining fundamental theoretical principles with practical abilities provides you with significant job-related competitive advantages. We make sure you understand the differences between Bookkeeping and how to process it when working for an employer or starting a business at our Training and Recruitment in Birmingham.

What are the contents of the Level 2 AAT course?

Bookkeeping Transactions

Understanding double-entry Bookkeeping, integrating prime entry books, and explaining coding system operations are all important skills.

Understanding the distinctions between trade and bulk discounts, as well as values and settlements.

Creating and processing invoices and credit notes for customers and suppliers.

Adding up and balancing a three-column cash book.

Totaling, balancing, and reconciling petty cash entries in a little cash book that has been thoroughly examined.

Extraction of a trial balance from ledger transactions

AAT Level 2 Bookkeeping Controls

Understanding the objective of control accounts and journals, as well as how to use them.

Control accounts and the diary are maintained and used.

You must reconcile a bank statement with the cash book.

Understanding the banking process and the key banking and building society services.

Understanding the standards for document preservation and storage in the banking industry.

What are the Bookkeeping Level 2 AAT Course’s Learning Outcomes?

Learn the fundamentals of Bookkeeping.

Recognise the significance of accounting.

Discover a variety of bookkeeping methods.

Learn how important actions are recorded in accounting processes.

Learn about the most prevalent forms of company bookkeeping accounts.

Improve your accounting and finance knowledge.

Learn how to understand a variety of accounting words and financial jargon.

Find out what should include information on a balance sheet.

Learn every possible thing there is to know about the UK’s tax system and administration.

Learn about individual taxation.

Learn how to use Microsoft Excel to do common accounting chores.

Excel formulae, functions, and commands are a breeze to learn.

Investigate the many stages of the accounting cycle.

Learn how to use Sage Payroll to manage your company’s payroll.

Sage Payroll can teach you how to handle business pensions.

Why should you do a Bookkeeping training course?

Future Connect’s approved Bookkeeping Course is appropriate for both novices to the sector and current employees. Whether you’re trying to move further your career or try something new for the first time, a recognised certification from a reputable awarding organisation may make all the difference. This special Accounting – Course is packed with exceptional insights for everyone from accounting staff looking for a new challenge to business owners supervising their loss-prevention obligations to prospective entrepreneurs.

Accessibility of the AAT training

We specialise in providing applicants from all over the world with exciting, accessible, and inexpensive distance learning possibilities. From start to end, you may study Accounting on your own time and at your speed, with the help of your teacher. All Accounting course materials are included, and our cutting-edge digital learning platform is given 24/7, from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Beginner’s Bookkeeping Software for AAT level 2

You can choose to study the following essential accounting software:

1. Sage 50 Accounts

2. XERO software

3. Quickbooks

4. Forbes

Assessment of AAT level 2

An automated multiple-choice based test will be used to measure your learning when you have completed all of the modules in the Bookkeeping course. You have the option of taking a Mock Exam before taking the Bookkeeping course completion Final Exam at no additional cost.

Requirements for a bookkeeping course

Anyone over sixteen can participate in the AAT level 2 Bookkeeping training, and there are no formal requirements. Enrollment in the Bookkeeping courses has no specific requirements. To access our premium Bookkeeping training, all you need is a desire to study and a smart internet-enabled smartphone. Don’t worry; our qualified instructors and student assistants will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Future Connect won’t hold your ambition to study and climb the ladder of success against your lack of prior education or experience. Enrol in the Bookkeeping courses right now to get started.

Why do you need an AAT Level 2 Bookkeeping Certificate?

If you wish to work as a professional bookkeeper, the AAT Level 2 Certificate in Bookkeeping will give you the necessary skills and information you’ll need. The course offers a comprehensive introduction to manual double-entry Bookkeeping, including related paperwork and processes, up to the Trial Balance standard and is a wonderful place to start for anybody interested in pursuing a career in accounting.

What Jobs are available after Bookkeeping Level 2 AAT training?

Bookkeeping Level 2 AAT training may help you get ready for a variety of occupations, including:


Administrator of Payroll

Clerk for the Sales Ledger

Ledger Clerk for Purchases

Accounts Payable (A/R)

Accounts Receivable


Future Connect Training and Recruitment in Birmingham is available for learners who are new to Bookkeeping. We ensure that they understand everything and utilise it during training sessions or at work with employers or organisations. We guarantee that you will feel at ease and competent handling the Bookkeeping, and we are always there to help if you require KMB’s support.

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