Crohn’s disease and the remedies by the best gastroenterologist in the city

Crohn’s disease is one of the most painful stomach diseases you can ever experience. Once you are affected by this disease, you will have to spend all your life taking precautions and preventing all the things that might trigger it.

But first of all, you will need a very talented doctor to diagnose it. And I highly recommend Novomed centers in Dubai, because they have the best gastroenterologist in Dubai. I was amazed by his professionalism, talent, and experience. He was very dedicated to diagnosing my case very well and providing me the suitable treatment.

For years, I have been suffering from Crohn’s disease, but no doctor could diagnose my case. They all told me that I am suffering from celiac disease, but in fact, I had Crohn’s disease.

When I booked my online doctor consultation with the gastroenterologist at Novomed, I was afraid that it might be another waste of time, and that I won’t get the right treatment. But when I called him and started to explain to him about my symptoms, and the questions he asked me, I felt that he was different, and he is not going to tell me what I used to know. So I asked him if these symptoms are related to celiac disease, he told me that they might be related, but he can’t confirm because he needs to do some tests, and if necessary he will do a capsule endoscopy.

I felt that this time I might get the right treatment, so I agreed to do what is needed to treat my condition. So I did the tests he asked for, the blood test, the CT scan for my stomach, and an MRI. The results weren’t very clear, so he insisted on having a capsule endoscopy to have a better diagnosis.

We did the capsule endoscopy, and he told me that what I am suffering from is Crohn’s disease, which has no cure. But its symptoms can be treated, and prevention is key in this case.

I was sad and happy at the same time, sad because I won’t be cured, but happy because finally, I will get the suitable treatment. He advised me to follow a diet low in waste or fiber to reduce the risk of bowel obstruction and the volume of stools.

I am very grateful to the doctor and I recommend Novomed to everyone who is facing stomach issues or digestive problems.

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