The Complete Travel Guide to Bhrigu Lake for Hikers and Backpackers


Naturally, Bhrigu Lake is famous because of mythology. Where else would Dev Bhoomi Himachal Pradesh’s stunning location become well-known? Bhrigu Lake, which has a long history in Hinduism dating back to the founding of the religion, has a special place in the hearts of devotees.

However, I’m here to tell you that the Bhrigu Lake Trek has additional attractions as well. Its charm is enhanced by the constantly shifting landscape and lake reflections. The tranquility of the meadows during the actual trek then makes more sense than the sum of its parts. Even for seasoned hikers, it starts to seem magical. For a novice hiker, the Bhrigu Lake trek will be the pinnacle of storytelling.

The mythology surrounding Bhrigu Lake

Maharishi Bhrigu, one of Hinduism’s seven sages, was contemplating here at the lake. No matter how cold it gets, according to the locals, the lake never completely freezes.

According to legend, the local deities of the Kullu region visit this lake to bathe in its holy waters because it never freezes. Every two years, Guru Vashisht visits the lake; this is revealed by a “medium.” Devotees also make elaborate plans to join him on his twice-yearly tour of the lake while he is there.

Exploring the Bhrigu Lake Trek

Now if I know my audience, I would guess that you enjoy an adrenaline rush and have aspirations of scaling tall mountains and reaching unusually high altitudes. This trek has enough substance to guarantee the safety of novice trekkers as well as enough meat to entice experienced trekkers. After passing through deep valleys and mountains, the lake is a true surprise, sitting pretty at an elevation of 4304 m in Kullu valley.

The ambitious 14,000-foot high alpine glacial lake is accessible after a three-day hike. One can feel the prominence of the valley because it is so close to the intersection of the impressive Pir Pinjal range and the equally stunning Dhauladhar range. The lake is not difficult to get to, and the scenery is amazing enough to keep you interested the entire time. You’ll actually be traveling along numerous meadows for the majority of this journey—what a delight!

Significant Information

This trek’s trail offers stunning views of magnificent peaks like Deo Tibba and Seven Sisters, which will captivate you. The village of Vashisht is an option for where to end this trek. Due to its hot sulphur spring, Vashisht is well known. The only place you can find relief from your pain is at the hot springs.

  • The highest point is 14,000 feet.
  • Difficulty simple, novice
  • 3–4 Days in length (Manali to Manali)
  • 25 km traveled; 5000 INR allocated

The Alpine Lake via a hike

Alpine Lake Trek | Bhrigu Lake Trek

Brighu Lake, also known as Bhrigu Lake, is situated at a height of 4,300 meters in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh, India (14,100 feet). The majestic beauty of the captivating lake is ever-evolving.

A well-known pilgrimage and hiking trail

The Bhrigu Lake Trek distance possesses Manali’s natural charm. Travel to the spiritual Bhrigu Lake, which bears Maharishi Bhrigu’s name—one of the seven sages of Hinduism—alongside the snow-capped mountain range.

Most effective weekend trek in Himachal

In 4 days and 3 nights, one can complete the Bhrigu Lake Trek distance. presenting a wonderful weekend getaway option. As an alternative, Triund Trek, Manali offers weekend trips to the Himalayas.

A Unique Experience for All

The Bhrigu Lake Trek passes through lush meadows and rocky ascents. attainable for anyone in good health and physical condition. Perfect for beginners and just as exciting as other Manali treks.

The ideal time of year to trek to Bhrigu Lake

June through September are the ideal months to travel.It may be extended through October’s end. Wildflowers and lush meadows can be found everywhere from July to September.

Getting to Base Camp

Manali serves as the base camp. When you arrive in Moustache Manali, meet our representative there. Additionally, Manali can be reached using:

  • Fly to the airport in Kullu and take a car to Manali. Fly to Delhi or Chandigarh and take a Volvo to Manali as an alternative.
  • Roads: To get to Manali from Delhi and Chandigarh, take a Volvo.
  • Travel by train to Chandigarh. Use a cab or a bus to get to Manali.


Your physical stamina will be put to the test several times during the Bhrigu Lake Trek, a Himachali beginner trek. The views of the meadows and the glacial lake, which serve as the trip’s ultimate climax, make the journey worthwhile, though. 

No two treks of the same length arrive at the same lake because the lake changes identity according to its whims. The lake can be either royal blue or emerald green. The Bhrigu lake will occasionally have floating ice chunks in between the icebergs. As a result, the lake frequently draws repeat visitors who want to be mesmerized once more but by entirely different views.

Have you ever visited Bhrigu Lake? If so, could you kindly share your experience and let me know if there is anything I should not have forgotten? If you have any questions about any other treks, please let us know. Travel safely!

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