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How To Do Your Instagram Marketing the Right Way

Is your Instagram marketing even working?

Are you tired of using the same tactics that yield no results?

According to research, nearly 60% of online customers depend on Instagram to make purchasing decisions. So it makes it very clear that Instagram is a great place to influence your target customers’ target decisions. 

In the last few years, Instagram has proven to be a hub of eCommerce, and luckily it does not show any signs of slowing down. 

However, with around a billion monthly active users, making your mark on the platform is a back-breaking task. So is because of many myths related to the platform and its algorithm. 

Therefore, in this blog, we will discuss the right way to do Instagram marketing and bust all the myths you have heard. 

How does instagram market the right way?

Instagram is very simple. It just requires strategic content that is user-friendly.

#1 Use a Business Account 

Creating a business account is the first step to starting with Instagram marketing. It helps you to fetch the inbuilt analytics feature on your Instagram account. You can add contact information, view insights about your posts and followers, promote posts from within the Instagram app, and even shop on Instagram.

Having a business account also helps you to increase your online reach. 

#2 Optimize Your Bio 

A good Instagram bio is the first hello to your visitors. Or even better, think of it as your 150 words business pitch. Make sure to write a welcoming Instagram bio that simplifies your business for your visitors and potential customers. You must include the primary keyword of your business. For example, include the keyword ‘bakery’ in your Instagram bio if you are a bakery shop. 

A keyword-rich Instagram bio helps the target audience to find your business in less time. 

If unsure, you should check out the Instagram bio of popular brands in your niche. 

It is highly recommended not to copy the same keywords instead of helping you. It will harm your reputation in the market.

#3 Write Keyword-Rich Captions 

Instagram has recently launched keyword searches in a few countries, indicating that Instagram will evolve into a search engine in the upcoming years.

When creating content, make sure to include keyword-rich captions. It will help you rank your content on the For You Page and make your content go viral. 

The more effectively the algorithm can recommend material to the appropriate audience, the more views you’ll receive.

#4 Embed Instagram On Your Website 

If you are a brand, having an Instagram feed on website is highly favorable for your business.

Including an Instagram reel widget on your website improves the overall experience of your visitors. It also increases the average time spent on your website because visitors do not have to leave it to view your Instagram reels.

Using any social media aggregator tool, you can embed your Instagram profile on your website.

These tools also allow you to customize your Instagram widget, which means you can choose the theme and template of the widget according to your desire. You can also adjust the size of your widget using such tools. It will help you to improve the visual appeal of your website.

You can also remove the posts you do not want to showcase on the Instagram widget

#5 Create Engaging Reels

Videos are the future of the content game. Videos are the most engaging form of content. 

Since their release, reels have proved their worth to marketers, creators, and business owners. Reels have increased businesses’ conversion rate and online reach by leaps and bounds.  

To make an engaging reel, make sure that you include a hook in your videos. It helps the audience to stay at your videos. 

#6 Engage With Your Audience

There are many rules for engaging your audience in public speaking; stand up, start, speak confidently, make eye contact with your audience, etc. 

But how would you ensure you have your virtual audiences’ undivided attention?

To engage your customers with your brand, you have to engage with them first. It will help you to have a humane touch with your audience. 

Having a better relationship with your audience and customers will enable you to initiate more user-generated content. It will also help you to ask for reviews from your customers easily. 

In A Nutshell

We hope that all your myths about the platform have been busted now. 

Selling on Instagram is unarguably a task for every marketer. However, a strategic plan can make your business go viral on the platform. You have to be very patient to apply the tactics mentioned above. 

We hope that all your myths are busted.

Lilly Milly

I am a professional writer and blogger. I’m researching and writing about innovation, Blockchain, technology, business, and the latest Blockchain marketing trends.

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