How Does Inflatable Paddle Board Work?

An inflatable paddle board is a recreational watercraft that is used in the ocean and lakes. One of its most

notable features is its large, inflatable deck and soft sides. This enables the user to easily balance while

standing on it as they are going through relatively calm waters

This particular product was introduced to the market back in 2006 by Eric Dompierre, who had been

using board paddles for years before the creation of the inflatable paddle board. This prompted him to

develop a new design that he thought was more stable, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to use.

The inflatable paddle board is made from various materials including rubber, plastic, and PVC. It is

usually manufactured with an anti-slip tread, which gives the user a great deal of upper body and shoulder support when paddling on it.

How does an inflatable paddle board work?

The paddling technique used is known as “abseiling” or “paddling down” and it is used to minimize the size of the boat. It’s actually quite simple:

Step 1. (optional) Inflate the paddle board on land using a pump or compressor. Your inflatable paddle

board will come with a pump, so you can inflate it when you get it to the water. To prevent damage to

your board, do not inflate your board directly in the water, and always use the included pump.

Step 2. Once you are on the water with your board, adjust it to the right length. Your board will come

with internal valves that can be used to adjust the length of your paddle board.

Step 3. Inflate your inflatable paddle board by holding down the handles at either end of your board and

using one hand to push inwards while using your other hand to hold down on a valve handle that you can

see at either end of the deck and work it until you feel it start to inflate.

Step 4. Once your board is inflated, strap on your ankle, shin, or knee guards to prevent injury while

paddling(optional). You can also purchase an inflatable paddle board shoulder strap that many owners

find very useful if it is a long paddle.

Step 5. Holding on to the handles of your board, slowly paddle down your body. You should keep your

weight in the middle of the deck so you don’t tip it over.

The further down you go, the faster and easier you can paddle.

Step 6. Once you’ve reached the surface of the water, gradually deflate your board and stand up.

Putting air back in the board is simple: just open up the valves at either end of your board by holding on

to them with one hand and inverting it so that they are now facing up instead of inwards.

Be careful not to overinflate your board by opening the valves too much or by inverting the air support

ring of your inflatable paddle board deck. It’s possible to damage your board when you do this, as well as

have a hard time paddling it later on.

Step 7. To get a feel of the paddling, paddling in circles is a great start. You can also go down and around

the surface. After you have become familiar with your paddle board, you can speed up to get a faster feel

for it.

Tip: It is recommended that you stay in the areas that are marked by buoys and other signs indicating the

location of swimming hazards. These areas are set up by lifeguards to keep a watchful eye on swimmers

to ensure their safety and yours. You should also wear a swimsuit or shorts and use sunscreen for added

protection from burns.

The inflatable paddle board is also different from surfing boards as you do not need to use your feet to

paddle with it when paddling on calm waters. Instead, you can use your arms and hands for support. This

makes the product quite versatile and is only limited by the user’s ability.

Where can you buy an inflatable paddle board online?

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The inflatable paddle board is one of the most popular water sports in Australia and it is suitable for both

experienced and novice users. It is a great way to train your core muscles, balance, and agility while

having fun at the same time. It is not suitable for children or infants because they lack the balance, strength, coordination, and maturity needed to use it effectively. It also requires a specific skill set to use it properly.

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