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Considering hiring an Employment lawyer service in Toronto? You’ve probably been wondering about the various aspects of this type of legal service. These topics include just cause, consultation, and the concept of a retainer. Read on to discover what you should expect from this type of legal service. You may also want to learn about how they evaluate your particular situation. This article will provide you with an overview of what to expect from an employment lawyer toronto service in Toronto.

Constructive dismissal

The concept of constructive dismissal has a lot of implications for both the employee and the employer. It may be used in cases where an employee is under constant pressure from supervisors or other board members. It is also possible in cases where an Chief Legal Officer is demoted, or their position in the company is restructured or altered in some way. If you believe you’ve been forced to resign for reasons outside of your control, then you may have a case.

There are many examples of workplaces that may be deemed to be hostile, which would make constructive dismissal a valid case. However, not every change in a workplace constitutes a constructive dismissal, and it can be difficult to prove. Consequently, it is important to seek the advice of an employment lawyer to ensure your right to a fair dismissal decision. In some cases, it may also be possible to establish a ‘toxic work environment’, where the employer is encouraging harassment, bullying, or poor performance.

Just cause

A just cause employment lawyers service in Toronto can help you make sure that the grounds for termination are valid. Generally, just cause terminations to involve repeat wilful misconduct. However, the context can be important, including the length of the employee’s service, prior misconduct, and surrounding circumstances. Courts may also consider whether the employee lacked judgment, expressed remorse, or was simply negligent in the performance of their duties.

While the employer may be legally entitle to dismiss an employee for just cause, this type of dismissal has serious implications for the employee. For example, a just cause dismissal can reflect on an employee’s Record of Employment and make it difficult to obtain employment insurance in the future. Moreover, the standard for justifying a just cause dismissal is high. An employment lawyer can help you determine whether you are entitle to the compensation that you’re entitled to under the law.


Employment law firms can be an invaluable resource for the employee and employer facing employment problems. A Toronto employment law firm can assist you in resolving any labor law issue in a cost-effective manner. As a result of its experience and positive client reviews, the Toronto office of Littler has established itself as one of the premier employment law firms in the country. Clients can benefit from a free consultation with an employment lawyer to determine their rights and options.

An initial consultation with an employment lawyer will usually last for one to two hours. This meeting is an opportunity for the employer and employees to discuss their situation. The lawyer will also be able to answer any questions or concerns about their employment contract or leave of absence. During the consultation, you will also have a better idea of what you can expect from the lawyer if you decide to proceed with the case. It’s important to note that most employment lawyers are prepare to take your case to court if necessary, but they also want to settle it early on.


Many people don’t realize that hiring an employment lawyer is a great way to minimize legal fees and maximize their time. The fact is that many lawsuits involving employees begin with a minor issue, such as a flaw in an employment contract, disagreement between the employer and employee, or even a funny office joke. This issue can quickly escalate and fester as if it were a tropical sore. Choosing an employment lawyer is an important decision for your business, but you must ensure that you find one that can work on your behalf.

Retainers for employment lawyers in Toronto can vary widely depending on the type of case and the legal firm. Most employment law firms work on an hourly basis, but you can ask your lawyer about the specific charges for your case. A limited scope retainer is a common option. Other forms of employment lawyer fees can include a contingency fee basis agreement, which works on a no-win-no-fee basis.

No-win-no-fee agreement

In the world of employment law, a no-win-no-fee arrangement with an employment lawyer in Toronto is a great option for many people. It allows them to retain the services of a lawyer without risking their own money, and it can help them avoid paying the full cost of legal representation. Many people who have been dismissed from their jobs are unaware of the benefits of a no-win-no-fee agreement. This can help them avoid a costly legal bill after an employment dispute.

No-win-no-fee agreements are also great for employees. While they may have one chance to challenge their dismissal, they are left with only 21 days to do so. If they are successful in their challenge, the legal fees would be significantly lower than if they had lost the case. However, there are a few disadvantages of a no-win-no-fee agreement. For example, it may mean that the employee loses their job due to incompetence.

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