3 Tips To Extend Your Ammo’s Shelf Life

Unlike a gallon of milk, ammunition doesn’t go bad on its own, and with proper care, a box can be good for up to 10 years, possibly longer. However, improper storage can greatly reduce your ammo’s shelf life. To safely store it, you’re going to need to do three things.

Keep It Dry

The first step of ammunition storage Canada is finding a container with a good seal. While leaving ammo in its boxes is an option, you have to be certain where you store it is going to be reliably dry. Some gun owners are low-frills and prefer to store ammunition long-term in freezer bags or food containers, while others prefer more traditional ammo cans. The goal of both is the same. You’re locking out environmental moisture, which can lead to corrosion over time.

Keep It Neutral

Extremes in heat and cold won’t necessarily create damage that prevents ammunition from being used (or make it spontaneously discharge), but they can warp cartridges and reduce the predictability of performance. When traveling with ammunition, do not leave it for extended periods in vehicles, and when picking a room to store your ammunition, make sure it’s somewhere with a consistent, mild temperature and out of direct sunlight. Basements and attics are probably the worst places to store ammunition as they are less likely to be climate-controlled. 

Keep It Safe

Your guns aren’t the only things you should be locking up. Even if you don’t have children or other vulnerable family members, it’s a good idea to secure your ammunition in a locked safe. It not only keeps untrained handlers out of harm’s way but in the event of a robbery you’re not home to intercept, it will make it harder for thieves to make off with your supply. 

Stored improperly, ammo can “go bad” in a matter of weeks. Even if you don’t plan on creating a long-term stockpile, some basic maintenance goes a long way in preventing your supply from turning into wasted money.

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