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Social Media Facts Marketers Need To Know

The creation of social networks has been one of the most significant advancements in this century. Companies and bands are slowly understanding the importance of social media in marketing and community building. 

Social media empowered people to meet, greet, have fun, and build a community without physically being together. After the inception of these platforms, people spent a few years connecting with their long-lost friends and family, and brands started realizing the power and jumped on it to target marketing objectives.

Recently, social media platforms offering different tools for brands to gain insights, target the right audience, and analyze results. In short, here are a few things that marketers need to know to build a significant social media presence.

Social media usage facts

A person living in urban areas with exposure to the internet has an average of 8.6 social media accounts. The number of new users skyrocketed after the internet became accessible to people in non-urban areas. Currently, 72% of people have at least one social media account. 

The initial stats showed adopters of social media are young adults, researchers found out the number of older adults using platforms like Facebook.

3.2 billion photos and 720000 hours of video are shared on these platforms, with an average person spending 145 minutes on social media every day.

Social media formats

As social media started to grow, different platforms began introducing various formats for people to create content. The most popular content shared on social platforms is photos, Short, long, and vertical format videos, and disappearing stories.

These formats are created with accessibility and visibility, and every format serves a different function. The update can be shared on stories that are visible for 24 hours. There fore an important update that is expected to be virally uploaded on Instagram reels.

Your content created for youtube can be trimmed into bite-size Instagram Reels or video carousels using a video trimmer.

Social media marketing facts

Facebook marketing is the most popular and widely tool by marketers to reach out to their target audience and market their products or services. According to a survey, around 10 million companies advertise on Facebook every quarter, and they feel that marketing on Facebook is somewhat or highly effective. 

Statista estimated that the digital advertising industry across India had a market size of around 199 billion Indian rupees in the financial year 2020. According to the advertiser analysis, worldwide digital ad spending to expand 10.1 percent year over year, fueled by an 18 percent increase in social media advertising. As a result, This will primarily help small businesses with more minuscule advertising budgets to market their products. 

Instagram Facts

Instagram is probably the most famous platform among marketers and creators for driving recognition and sales. It started as a photo-sharing platform, but it became a tool to showcase, products and services. Currently, Instagram has over 2 billion active users and 200 million + active business accounts, from small businesses to large corporations. Because of its algorithm and the ability to reach a targeted audience, it is a perfect platform for visibility and engagement.

Facebook Facts 

Facebook is the oldest and most trusted platform among people and marketers, and businesses. In short, 49% of Facebook users visit multiple times in a day and use it for an average of 34 mins. Therefore This makes Facebook a platform with the highest visibility and repeats user base. 

Every month, businesses exchanges over 20 billion messages over Facebook Messenger.

Currently, Facebook has 10 million + advertisers and has a click-through rate of 18%. Obviously, It provides marketers with a highly functional advertising tool focusing on specific business goals. Thus, if you’re looking to generate leads, create brand awareness, and increase conversions, Facebook’s ad tool can help.

YouTube Facts 

YouTube doesn’t need a special introduction. It’s the most popular platform for long-form content viewership. It has over 2 billion active monthly users, and it’s also responsible for 25% of worldwide mobile traffic. 

Considering its popularity, one must not be surprised that 500+ hours of content is uploaded on youtube every hour. From news to entertainment to product reviews and fashion hacks, one can find any information on youtube at any given point.

In current times, good quality videos can be shot even through phone cameras, in which case, all you need is a video trimmer to make a video as you desire and upload it on youtube. As a result, brands with low marketing budges can also have great professional-looking content and market it on youtube. It also provides a great advertising tool through which marketers can leverage their brand’s reach and visibility. 

Social media has opened doors for businesses in the beginning stages and cannot spend big money on their marketing. These platforms have created profiles, formats, tools, and features specifically for brands and marketers to build effective sales funnels. However, a smart marketer can leverage these features and craft a strategy that meets their marketing goals within a budget. Because They should understand that repurposing your content for different formats is as essential as creating something new. With the use of all the features provided, social media can build a strong brand image, finally, it gains visibility and engages people to make purchase decisions. 

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