Sales Positions at Car Dealerships

Buying a car can be quite a process. You’ll need to determine your needs, research makes and models, review safety ratings and find a dealership to see the car in person.

When you visit a car dealership, there are several people that will help you drive away in a new or used vehicle. Some of these people may have attended a car dealer seminar in Austell GA to learn more about customer service. Below are a few common sales representatives that you may encounter.

Floor Salesperson

A floor salesperson will probably be the first person you meet at the dealership. This person is dedicated to helping customers find the perfect vehicle. They will answer questions, show you relevant models and often accompany you on the test drive. Their customers may be walk-ins or have a prior appointment.

Since the salesperson typically makes a commission on the number of cars he or she sells, they will be very attentive to your needs. They want to be sure you leave the dealership with the right vehicle.

Finance Manager

Once you’ve selected the car you want, you’ll need to work with the finance manager to discuss financing options. Often, customers will use a combination of cash down-payments and loans to cover the cost of a vehicle.

Finance managers help facilitate all of the required paperwork including rebates and DMV requirements. They will also work with the lending bank to secure your auto loan (if you choose a financing option).

Salesperson Manager

This individual is more behind-the-scenes than the other two, but he or she still has an important job recruiting new sales talent. This person will follow up with customers regarding the sales experience, train new sales talent and look for areas in which the dealership can improve. In the car business, customer service is key, and your satisfaction is usually a top priority.

Buying a car is often a lengthy process that takes time and research. When you work with a car dealership, you’re likely to interact with a floor salesperson, a finance manager, and a salesperson manager. 

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