5 Amazing Designs of Homemade Packaging Boxes Made By Kraft Paper

The way that designers of packaging boxes make their boxes is very interesting. You can learn from them about how to make your business successful. It is very important to try new things or go in a different direction when you are selling your products. It is hard to make all the people happy, but it’s good to try.

We know that beautiful boxes can make people want to buy our products. So, we should do anything in order attract their attention and get them excited about buying something right away. This means that a kraft paper box must have something which will make people interested at first sight. It is not clear whether it is on a shelf or just scrolling through social media.

The point is that if there are two things: one being what they sell, and the other being great design work, then these items should stand out from those on other shelves. Only when people have seen these goodies first do they know whether or not they want to buy them. So sometimes, all a shopper sees before making a decision might not be good enough for a purchase later down the line.

Reason to buy these kraft packaging:

A lot of people want to see what they are buying before they buy it. They might have a competitor that is trying to make their product better, and if it looks good or has a good name, then people will buy it. So, a business owner needs to be careful about how they present their company.

Initially, the box is made from a single piece of kraft paper. The designer folded this paper to make it look like a house with a lid. In addition, the company put strings on the back of their products. This way it is easier for people who live far away to deliver their products.

here are five of the unique designs which are made at home by the designers:

Gable kraft boxes

A gable kraft box is a type of home decor that can be used for storing books, art pieces or other items. These boxes come in different sizes and shapes with their own unique look depending on what’s store inside them.

It has design using different color and design for the exterior and interior portions of the box. The use of kraft paper gives it a unique look that many people like. You can design or made this box at home by cutting thin layer of kraft paper and folding it from each sides. Next, you can glue the paper together and stuffing it with items.

It can help you to fulfill every type of need by the consumers. The boxes have design with using different colors and patterns to make it look different from other packages. One of the easy ways to create attractive box is by folding and pasting kraft paper on all sides of the package.

Gift packaging boxes

For the person who has everything, Gift Boxes are a great way to wrap up your gift and give them that extra touch. Brands offer many different styles including:

  • Tissue paper with ribbons or laces; boxes in which you can place treats like cookies (or even chocolates).
  • Bags filled with goodies destined for children’s eyes .

There is also a wide range of decorative and non-decorative boxes in modern and classic designs.

It’s basic thin kraft paper which you can decorate with cloth ribbon, stickers or jewels. The thin kraft paper gives the box a rustic look that will allure your product more apparently.

Pumpkin pie boxes

Pumpkin pie boxes are a good choice to use. They seem unusual, but they work well. They turn out beautifully because we use colored paper instead of white paper.

The durability of pumpkin pie boxes is surprising. They can be a little tricky to work with. We like using kraft colored paper because it’s sturdy enough for whatever you may put inside your pies.

The main reason that these packages hold up so well is not because of the material they are made out of. They use a color as an indicator when to cut the fold lines. When you create templates from scratch, it’s usually better than copying someone else’s design.

Candy boxes

Candy packaging boxes design to make your candy look like it has never been seen before. They’re not just pretty, they keep the product fresh and delicious for longer amounts of time.

It’s more than just adding a bow on top. There are ties and folds that help keep the product in place and protect it from moving. This is not just about making it look nice, we also want something that is practical.

Mini pillow wrap boxes

The pillow wrap boxes are a great way to give your gifts an extra touch. They come in three different colors, which can be customized with the message of choice. They’re also mini so that when given as an unexpected gift it’s more personal than just handing off something big and bulky.

For all those who want to make their products stand out on the shelf, these boxes are perfect. You can use them for so many things. They come in any color and can fully customized to your liking. What’s more, you can choose the size of the box based on what you need for your product.


There are so many ways to create these boxes at home with a few tools, some wood panels, and your time.

Since this box has a curve and made out of only one piece of board, it is little difficult for some people to make. However, there are also boxes that you can buy having these designs on them.

If you’re looking to save money and impress your customers, making a homemade box is one of the best options. There are so many simple and easy designs of homemade packaging boxes that you can use to enhance the look of your product. All it takes is a little bit of effort, creativity and patience. With some help from some websites through Custom Printing services you’re on the path to create gorgeous homemade boxes for all your products.

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