How to Change the Chat Settings in the Dad Bot

Dad Bot is an ultra-accurate, one-of-a-kind, totally faithful representation of your father who continues to tell the world’s best dad jokes! He is so great at telling dad jokes that in the past, he has been sued for wrongful termination. Now he is God of embarrassment because a silly and utterly false internet rumor has spread that he is a closet homosexual. Can you believe this nonsense?

One thing is for sure. Your father will never, ever tell you to “get a room reserved for the little red devil” or “cut the lines”. In addition, his famous last words to you, before he disappeared into oblivion (known as The Staircase) were “You’re never going to put me in jail again”. If these commands are true, then why on earth do you want him to bot commands you? You just want to be free of him forever.

So now that you have Dad Bot, what do you do with it? There are two options. Option one is to simply not your friends that have DaddyBot and hope they remember you, and then politely tell them “DADIE DON’T YOU MAKE ME Jealous?”. Option two is to configure the “bot commands” so that if someone calls you dad, and you answer back with “DADBY PET“, you get a “Bot Command”, which says “DADBY”, then when the person calls you back saying “DAD BYE” you say “DAD” and then finally when they hang up you say” Goodbye DADBY”. You can even configure the bot to say “Hello, please hold your monies”.

The biggest advantage to using a discord bot to chat with your dad is that it requires managing server permissions. What does that mean? It means that your dad will not be able to see every single conversation you have in the background (or anywhere else). Each time he logs in to the server, he has to accept the terms of service, which only allows him to read a selected number of messages. But when your dad bot is talking to you, he can read and reply to whatever you are typing to him.

So how do you configure your Dad Bot to say “Hello, How are you?” Well, the first thing that you must do is download and install a unity4d script from the Unity Website. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the script, you will need to go to preferences and add the Bot configuration. You’ll need the following values: Onescriptutable Bots. This will tell the bot what you want it to say, based on which server permissions you enable.

Next, you’ll need to find the “chat” settings and set the bot to allow the use of an icon. The icon doesn’t have to be anything fancy – you just need to find the icon and click on it. The Oneshotpolk settings is the best setting for this, as it allows you to see all messages without opening them in the chat window. If you want to see all messages, make sure you change this setting.

Finally, you’ll need to go into the main menu of the Bot and change the “Enable Allowed Contacts” setting to “No”. This will take you to the main menu of the Bot once again, but this time you will be able to see the contacts you want to add. This will enable you to add any other contacts you want to chat with. If you change the “enable all allowed contacts” setting to “Yes”, your dad will be able to see every message you send and read every id you send him. He will also be able to contact you by clicking on the small “send me a message” button that’s next to your name.

Hopefully this article has given you enough information to be able to troubleshoot your dad bot and get it working again. If your dadbot has stopped responding or doesn’t reply to any of your dad bot conversations, you may want to look into why this has happened. Troubleshooting a dad bot is one of the most difficult things you can do, so be sure to spend some time doing it.

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