How to grow your business online and increase revenue?

The world today is a global village. People have been defying geographical boundaries to interact with one another instantly. Whether it is through a Tweet or a Skype call, entrepreneurs can easily engage with customers they have never seen or met before. Digital marketing has revolutionized the ways businesses operate. Therefore, as an entrepreneur, you should use it as an advantage to grow your online presence by many folds. Remember that a business today without an online presence is only for a limited number of local customers.

So, if you wish to grow globally not just as an online business, but also as a brand, follow the below-listed methods to expand your online business overnight and earn more revenue-:

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●    Opt for a productivity and appointment management tool

You earn more when your business is operational and productive. To ensure efficiency, access any productivity management and appointment scheduling tool like Picktime. Access it without cost via any web-enabled device. You will get an online calendar to display your slot availability for daily meetings. Create an online booking page with a personalized booking button; link it without your website and Facebook & Instagram profiles. Your clients\customers can self-book appointments via this online booking page. Send automated email and SMS reminders before every meeting. Track appointments, resources, and staff schedules at all office locations with just one dashboard. Also, get insightful business reports from your Picktime dashboard to evaluate your business performance.

●    Use ad extensions to earn more at once

If you already sell products online, you might be knowing about Google Ads that allows you to create budget-based ad campaigns. However, you should also use Google ad extensions to create bigger advertisements with more options to click. E-commerce websites selling multiple products like clothing, electronics, makeup products, household items, and much more, use ad extensions for advertising each product separately in the same ad without added costs. You give your customers options to click and it increases the ad’s click-through rate. As these are Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads, you will earn as soon as a customer clicks on any of the links in the ad!

●    Market your online content

Content is among the most sold and popular on the web today. As Bill Gates had predicted, content marketing is rapidly gaining tremendous importance each passing day as entrepreneurs establish a solid online presence of their business. Hire content writers who can write engaging content and use digital marketing tactics like keyword search, hashtag usage, and SEO-based writing. You can create a blog on WordPress for your business to gain followers. See how entrepreneur Jason Cohen has developed an interesting blog site called A Smart Bear and writes blogs frequently for geeks, techies, and entrepreneurs. Also, create social media content like images, videos, posters, and written content, and market them through sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. All your followers could be your potential customers and let you earn huge money.

●    Try video marketing to earn from views

Global marketers have learned that video advertisements are considerably more impactful than static advertisements since customers respond better to visuals coupled with sound and music. Hence, video marketing is pivotal for keeping the audiences engaged. You can practice this marketing method through YouTube and webinars.

YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google. People search for any video of varying lengths catering to different topics on YouTube. Create a YouTube channel and post videos, live shows, and vlogs regularly to reach a large audience base and earn from views on your videos.

Webinars are beneficial for businesses selling ideas and services. Invite industry experts for webinars and talk about buzzworthy issues in the industry. You may also upload video lectures, workshops, and online presentations through any webinar software like Adobe Connect and Livestorm.

●    Use email marketing to target existing and prospective audiences

Email marketing is a favorite among small businesses. It is affordable and helps cultivate a dedicated group of subscribers/followers who regularly view and use your products and services after getting to know about them from your email campaigns. Some leading email marketing tools include MailChimp, Send Pulse, Sender, and Constant Contact. These tools help you create campaigns with written content, images, video, weblinks, and graphics and send them to both existing and prospective customers/clients. You can sync your contacts to these tools and target campaign-specific audiences for better results. You can also view metrics like click rates, open rates, subscribers, and unsubscribers after every campaign launches.

●    Use paid media to reach more audiences

Paid media refers to the funded marketing effort of businesses. When you invest in reaching more audiences As an example, you can use Facebook and Instagram carousel ads to attract audiences towards your products/services. Many e-commerce websites like Amazon and eBay follow the same marketing methods to create an urgency about their products among customers. The more viewers you manage to get for your advertisements, the more money you will earn through paid media. The ad copies need to be simple yet catching. Include the most beneficial features of the product you are selling in its ad copy. Use an eye-catching and high-quality image.

Consider this guide to grow your business and increase revenue rapidly. Keep exploring the dozens of methods available online for increasing revenue. You can also check out blogs on the same topic from top entrepreneurs. However, focus only on those strategies that suit your business needs and fit your budget.

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