How the Mystery of “Annabelle Doll” Connects to Warne and Warrens

Annabelle doll is an alleged haunted Raggedy Ann figure, supposedly housed at the occult research center of the investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. It was supposedly used by a demon to communicate between them. A more mysterious and downright scary character resembling the said doll is a recurring villain in the famous conjuring universe. Who is she?

True Story of Annabelle Doll

This is where “The True Story of Annabelle” comes into picture. This book is written by Lorraine Warren herself, and contains her first personal writing in over twenty years. While I have never actually seen the said Raggedy Ann doll (as mentioned above), I did enjoy the style and writing style of this novel. I am not a big paranormal or fiction buff, but I always liked books that tell true stories about real people who experienced real events. True stories are what I prefer reading, whether they are fiction or true stories about real people.

I always admired “The True Story of Annabelle Doll” because the author presents a very accurate depiction of life as it was in the 1800s. True stories are what I mostly read, either in horror novels or non-horror novels. So, I was very familiar with this story, even though I’m not a horror lover. But still, I was surprised with the way the author presented events. For someone who does not have any interest in the supernatural, this book will surely be a good read.

Just like the other two books in this series, “The True Story of Annabelle Doll” also tells the story of a young woman named Lorraine Warren, who while attempting to research on her own the truth about the ” Phantoms ” she had been reading about, encountered a demonic possession. After being possessed, she managed to free herself, only to face another problem: another possessed doll. This time, however, the doll was not a girl, but a man – and he also managed to escape from her. With help from a local priest, the young woman was able to subdue the demon and rid herself of the possession. But this is only the beginning of the story, as more troubles awaited the young woman.

Annabelle Doll For Sale

In the second book of this series, “The Conjuring Universe: An Annabelle doll and the Glass Case,” Annabelle and her friends discover something very wrong around the farm where their vacation was being held. The farm and its surroundings were recently destroyed by vandals, and the reason why the authorities were not informed was because the ” Phantoms ” were not human, but rather mindless constructions of glass. The young women are invited to attend the dedication of the new farm in order to pay their respects. As they enter the museum, they are greeted by a very peculiar sight: an ornate glass case, which seems to have holes all around it.

The strange sight that they see causes them to wonder: are these the holes from the glass case that were in Annabelle’s doll? And if those were real, what other mysterious circumstances surround the object in question? Just when they think that they have read the complete story, the museum’s ghostly guides appear, introducing themselves as Gerald Warne and his wife Lorraine Warrens. Warne takes the young ladies on a weird (and quite terrifying) tour of their museum, which leads them to the most important discovery of the novel: the real-life photographs (and replicas) of Annabelle doll for sale.

Annabelle Doll Costume

The photographs themselves are nothing more than ordinary picture prints, but upon closer inspection reveal a secret world that is only known to the both the dolls and their creator: the world and history that was conjured by the combination of wax and sperm. Warne and Warrens learn that they were part of a unique experiment that took place in a laboratory that operated almost completely invisible. In order to test the abilities of their newly-minted dolls (who were purposely made to have virtually no memories), the museum was filled with dangerous “experiments” in vitro-cence. This process involved placing a small amount of wax on a wooden frame, and then exposing the wooden frame to temperatures which would cause the wax to fuse together and form a solid structure just like vitreous china. The results of this experiment proved that a living doll could indeed be brought alive. But this experiment also caused something else to happen: the fact that the real annabelle doll costume was found within a glass box, indicating that, somewhere, the real Annabelle might be still trapped inside.

Soon after this, the Warrens decide to consult police detective Sergeant Tommy Clough, who is assigned to work a case of mistaken identity. With the help of his clerk Annabel Smith, he is able to convince the police that the figure inside the glass box really is the real Annabelle. The two of them return to Warne’s lab, and with the help of a wire, they are able to attach the glass box to the doll. Although the two men are unable to solve the mystery of what happened to the real Annabelle doll, they do manage to close the book on this baffling case.

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