5 Tips for Having a Boat Dinner Party

Has it been your dream to own a boat? How about renting one to use for an evening? That’s right, you can rent a boat out for a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or just for a regular outing with your family or friends. If you’d like to have a dinner party on a private boat, try out some of the following ideas. 

1. Have a Buffet

Do you have a diverse group of people who will be eating dinner with you? If so, it’s a good idea to have plenty of options from which they can choose. A buffet-style spread will help solve this issue. You can include two or three types of meat and one or two vegetarian/vegan dishes, as well as something that’s gluten-free if you wish. 

2. Cooking on a Boat

You’ll need to consider carefully the issues that you may encounter cooking on a boat. If the ride isn’t as smooth, it can become a serious issue. The last thing you want is to have grease sloshing around and you or your guests get hurt. Or, you may end up losing your food if the cooking surface isn’t secure enough. 

3. What to Wear

There doesn’t need to be a strict dress code when you’re throwing a boat dinner party. However, you may want to ask that people wear certain comfortable clothing that will keep them warm. Even if they’re dry and warm on land, it’s best to be prepared with a windbreaker, boat shoes or comfortable sneakers, and slacks that you won’t mind getting wet or dirty. 

4. How to Decorate for Your Boat Party

It’s ideal to do some decorating on the boat to prepare for your party. Make it shiny and sparkling first, then decide on a theme that fits your group or the season. If it’s a 50th birthday party, this can include big balloons, streamers, and a nice display to celebrate the person. 

5. Let Go of Expectations

Don’t worry about making it the fanciest dinner ever. Even though you’re excited about having a boat rental, it really is in your best interest to go for a more mellow and casual experience. Your guests will feel less stuffy and more likely to enjoy themselves. 

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