How do I choose a solar company in Dallas?

The world seems to have come sick of over consuming the natural non-renewable energy resources. Over consuming these resources have resulted in polluting our natural environment to great extents. The average global temperature has risen since the last century, due to which glaciers- fresh water reserves for our future use are melting. There has been a surge in wildfires since the last 50 years, killing millions of animals and birds, and the lungs of our planet- the trees. These polluting gases released in the air are extremely toxic to human health, causing various respiratory diseases and is a major cause of lung cancer. Small island countries are on the verge of extinction, due to a rise in the sea level. People have realized the importance of shifting towards renewable energy sources, like the sun, the water, the wind. Therefore, solar panel installation services are hired in Dallas Texas.

Resources that are non-renewable, will not be replaced, after being consumed. Producing electrical energy requires burning these fuels, which releases large amounts of harmful gases to the environment. Most importantly, we purchase electrical energy. Irony lies in the fact that we pay to pollute our air and water, suffocate ourselves and our future generations. 

Here we have come with a list of tips and hacks to help you choose the best Solar Installation service in Dallas Texas, in case you have decided to switch to solar energy.

Search about many companies:

The first thing to do before you hire services is to look for many companies and choose the one you find most suitable for you. The best way to know about the authenticity of a service provider is to ask your relatives or acquaintances about a certain service provider they have been customers of. Never just settle for one company, as you will be missing out on the ones that offer more and better services for comparatively lower prices.

Check online reviews:

There are reputable websites that name good solar installation companies and display genuine reviews of their past customers. Even the good companies have complaining customers. All you have to observe is the way the company handles their uncontended customers. Through this you can get an idea about how much a company values its customer satisfaction.

See if they are licensed:

Giving a quick call to the service provider can help you know about the certification. Ask them about their license number. There are websites in certain areas that allow customers to check the authenticity of licenses of various service providers. License helps you know if the worker is a qualified one. A solar installer should at least own a license of an electrician.

Check their insurance policies:

Insurance can help you in having to not pay for any mishaps during the work at your home or office. So, to keep things smooth and in your favor, ask if the service provider has an insurance policy.

Look for the experienced one:

A qualified solar installer must have years of experience. Be careful of those that have no work history. Installing a solar system is a once in a lifetime investment, and one can’t afford handing over the work to some inexperienced crew.

Look at their pricing policies:

A contractor should be straight-forward about their rates. Solar panel installation usually costs around $12,000. The value might increase or decrease, depending on the size of your property. You should contact multiple contractors and get multiple quotes. This will give a clear idea about who you will hire, and will end your search journey.    

See if they offer Warranted services:

Reputable service providers will offer warranted services, and will revisit you in case of any malfunctioning. Furthermore, the components of a solar system come with their warranties and the installer should explain about the warranty of each component to you. For instance, the solar battery has a warranty provided by its manufacturing company, same goes for the panels and other parts.

Solar System Components & Installation:

Let us dive deep into what actually the solar system consists of and how they work.

Photovoltaic Panels:

These are flat, current producing surfaces, which absorb the light coming from the sun. Panels are connected to one another through electric wires. Sunlight has photons that upon hitting the silicon inside the panel’s free electrons from their respective atoms. These electrons get enough energy to move freely. The movement of electrons is actually direct current DC.


Panels are vigilantly fixed on the mounts with nuts and bolts. Mounts hold panels and allow their free movement in various directions.


As the name indicates, an inverter in a solar system helps convert the direct current DC into alternating current AC. Solar panels are connected to the inverter. This inverter is also connected to a consumer unit, through which electrical energy is supplied to the house/office.


Extra AC produced is sent to a battery, where it can be stored and used whenever needed i.e., during the night or cloudy days.

Schedule a regular maintenance of the system to prevent any major damage. Solar Installation in Dallas Texas is a lot cheaper than paying for electricity bills on a monthly basis and is a one-time investment. Keep your panels protected from any debris and dust to allow proper sunlight to fall on them. Moreover, they should be placed somewhere where there are no chances for them to get scratches.

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