What Are Common Dental Emergencies?

When a tooth emergency erupts in your mouth, you do not want to wait until you are in the emergency room. You want to make sure you are able to see a competent and experienced dentist as soon as possible. When a tooth becomes chipped, decayed, or has an abscess, you do not want to wait for it to heal before seeing a dentist. Chipped teeth can be a source of extreme pain and discomfort. When this occurs, you need to seek immediate professional dental care. If a chipped tooth is not painful but there is some numbness, try applying a warm compress to the area. Warm compresses are great because they increase the circulation in the mouth. This will provide immediate relief of any pain and swelling that you may be experiencing. The warm compress may also be beneficial in that it can draw any infection away from the area.

Car Accident

Have you ever been in a car accident and found your tooth had been knocked out or broke completely? You do not have to leave the scene of the accident to seek immediate attention. Chipped teeth can also lead to infections if they are not treated. If you cannot find your tooth right away, make an appointment with an emergency dentist immediately. Another one of the common dental emergencies is a broken tooth. This does not always involve warm water. You can use a temporary adhesive if the tooth has begun to chip. If the chip is too large, however, warm water may be needed in order to properly seal the chip in place.

Have you ever had a toothbrush come out of your mouth and fall onto the floor in front of you while you are brushing? It happens to a lot of people, but it should not happen to you. Make sure that you never run your brush through the bathroom drain to rinse your teeth. This is especially important if you have a faucet that runs underwater to rinse the sink.

Root Canal Therapy

A tooth in which the root canal therapy may be necessary comes in a number of situations. Sometimes, a tooth becomes infected and needs to be removed from Emergency Dentist in Bolton. In other situations, a tooth is just cracked and needs to be taken care of before it cracks further. A cracked tooth often sends a person into panic because it looks as though the whole tooth is going to come out. When you notice this happening to you, make an appointment with an emergency dentist immediately.


An abscess is a severe infection that usually occurs in one of two places: in the gum line, or in the jaw joint. When you notice a toothache coming on, your dentist would likely prescribe antibiotics for treatment. However, an abscess is serious and needs to be treated by a dental expert.

Most Common Dental Emergency

The third most common dental emergency is a receding gum line. If you notice that the gums are red and inflamed, there could be a problem with the bone or underlying gum tissues. You need to see a dentist as soon as possible to reduce swelling and inflammation. Warm compresses and mouthwashes can help to relive the pain associated with a receding gum line, but they will not reduce the size of the opening any. In fact, if left untreated, a receding gum line can lead to an infection. See a dentist immediately for treatment.

Underlying Infection

Teeth that are chipped or cracked can be an indicator of an underlying infection, tooth decay, or abscess. If you notice a crack in either your upper or lower teeth, visit a dentist as soon as possible to determine if you need a root canal or emergency dental treatment. Your dentist will most likely recommend cleaning or replacement of the damaged tooth.

Tooth loss is another emergency requiring immediate dental attention. Losing one or more teeth in a single tooth can be extremely painful, especially when the remaining teeth are in poor health. In order to treat a tooth loss, a dentist will typically recommend crowns or dentures replace the lost tooth. Crowns and dentures not only help to enhance the appearance of the smile, they also allow the patient’s remaining teeth to move properly.


Something as simple as a knocked-out tooth can signal an underlying condition that requires emergency dental care. To avoid suffering permanent damage or pain due to a knocked-out tooth, visit your dentist as soon as possible. A fractured tooth may require filling or repair to ensure that your mouth is protected from infection. You may need to schedule an appointment with a dentist as soon as the symptoms occur to ensure that you receive immediate medical attention. Your dentist will be able to assess the situation and recommend the best course of action when your tooth becomes infected, cracked, or lost.

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